Serial Border Jumper Ignored After Having Rape Allegations Leveled

They’re all here for love… raping a woman in front of her 2 year-old is love, right?

Daily Caller-

Authorities didn’t act on a woman’s rape allegations against a Honduran man in the U.S. illegally until after he came back months later to kidnap and rape her again in front of their 2-year-old child.

Jose Amaya-Vasquez, a Honduran man that has entered the U.S. three times illegally, was scheduled to appear in court Monday after allegedly kidnapping and raping his ex-girlfriend during a four-day drive in May from Kansas City, Mo., to Camden, N.J.

The woman first called police after she claimed she was raped by Amaya-Vasquez Feb. 14 in her home in Kansas City. But an arrest warrant for that incident wasn’t issued until after Amaya-Vasquez was captured in Camden May 26.

According to a probable cause statement obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation, authorities interviewed the victim months earlier after he picked up a knife and put it to her throat, and said, “we’re going to have sex or you’ll never see your kids again.”

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  1. there appears to be no breaking point at which us citizen hispanics overwhelmingly reject the insanity of an uncontrolled border

    news flash, liberal hispanics

    you are first in line for rape, murder, mayhem from south of the border

    fuck you

  2. Give them notice if they do these things, both the bat and balls will be removed, and their voice will go up 3 octaves.

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