Serial Illegal Alien Deportee Accused of Killing Kathy Steinle: It’s the Gun’s Fault – IOTW Report

Serial Illegal Alien Deportee Accused of Killing Kathy Steinle: It’s the Gun’s Fault

Breitbart: On Tuesday, attorney Matt Gonzalez suggested blame for Kathy Steinle’s death rests with a SIG Sauer handgun rather than serial deportee and felon Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez.

Sanchez is accused of shooting and killing Steinle with a stolen SIG Sauer handgun on San Francisco’s Pier 14 on July 1, 2015. Days after Steinle’s death, Breitbart News reported that Sanchez was a “five-time deportee” and a “seven-time convicted felon.”

The gun with which he allegedly shot Steinle had been stolen from the car of a Bureau of Land Management agent. Now Sanchez’s attorney says the gun is to blame.

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SNIP: Yeaaaah okay. If that’s the case, then why isn’t the gun on trial with its own attorney?

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  1. That was a beautiful AMERICAN girl.
    Yes Jerry Brown,her blood is on your hands…

  2. Iv’e Seen His Picture Way too Many Times, someone Just Kill Him Already…He Pops Up Like A Freekin Jack in The Box !

  3. this despicable attorney has been watching too much CNN fake news. When he doesn’t have any defense he just makes shit up. What a waste of our criminal court systems time and money.

  4. If I was forced to defend that miserable POS I would quit the law profession and go into something more respectable, like dealing meth and fentanyl for example.

  5. Finger off the trigger unless you intend to shoot. Fuck off Gonzalez/Sanchez… Hmmm… I see a trend here.

  6. Actually, the attorney is pretty smart, in a diabolical way. Trial will be held in Mexifornia, with a jury of Mexifornians. All they need to acquit is a fig leaf.

  7. Yes, Gonzalez is perpetrating a travesty, but that’s the way the court system works. The defense atty has to have some argument in defense of his client. When he has nothing, he has to make shit up. Without at least the appearance of defendant legal representation, U.S. trial courts would descend into the pits of Stalin’s show trials, where the mere appearance in court was taken to prove guilt.

  8. “Yeaaaah okay. If that’s the case, then why isn’t the gun on trial with its own attorney?”

    Because it’s not a crime for government herders to kill their own livestock.

  9. A serious extension to the illegal problem is the children the illegals bear who become legal citizens as anchor babies.

    Take the case of beautiful 6-yr old Samantha Runnion who was tricked by a Hispanic who was pretending to be looking for a dog, then abducted, raped, and strangled. Her tears were found in his car as DNA evidence. He was a legal citizen born to a violent illegal family.

    He is one of many who fit the profile. Take Santa Ana CA for example – almost in a state of anarchy due to the rampant Hispanic crime from the offspring of illegals.

    Because the Hispanic culture has many children, and because (as Trump called it) we are getting serious criminals across our porous border, the illegals are only one dimension of the problem. Their offspring (in large numbers) have exacerbated the problem many times bigger than we represent.

    Mexico has really screwed us over, and we did nothing about it until Trump promised to turn this around.

  10. @Extirpates, it says the gun was a Sig-Sauer, not what would normally be called a “cheap pistol”. Now if it was a Hi-Point…

  11. “Why isn’t the blm agent in trouble? Why does the blm even have guns?”

    Good question. Same with Park Rangers, And Forrest Rangers. They all have their own Swat Teams too. Hell in Northern California the Parks and Recs people carry side arms, and the have their own SWAT team too. I know because I sold our local Parks and Rec 4 308 guns. With Bullet Buttons that they illegally removed.

  12. cfm990 July 12, 2017 at 10:53 am – “The first accidental discharge connected to this mess, was the one his father gave his mother years ago.”

    There’s no such thing as an “accidental” discharge.

  13. The “accidental” discharge occurred when some fother mucker pulled the trigger while the weapon was loaded.

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