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“Serious Plans To Bring Something To Explode”

A soccer game between Germany and the Netherlands has been canceled at Hanover stadium, and the premises have been evacuated.

Sputnik– Police chief Volker Kluwe said there were “serious plans to bring something to explode,” according Norddeutscher Rundfunk radio.

“The game is canceled. The audience is asked to leave the stadium quickly but without a panic,” a police spokeswoman said, according to Spiegel.

According to local authorities, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a number of German ministers had planned to attend the match, which was called off less than two hours before it was scheduled to begin.

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  1. Doesn’t mention who may have had “Serious Plans To Bring Something To Explode” – sooooo … could be the Amish? Martians? the Butler?

  2. paint two nukes like giant soccer balls

    put giant soccer nets around mecca and medina

    drop nuke / soccer ball 1 into mecca net

    drop nuke / soccer ball 2 into medina net

    final score 2-0

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