Set your alarms – 8:00pm est TONIGHT! @Mr_Pinko & MikeNordstrom3

U.S. & Eh?! Show with @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko
– Call in #323 870-3371 –
Monday night – 8:00pm – 10:00pm EST–the-us-eh-show-w-mikenordstrom3-mrpinko-1111


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  1. Are you kidding, Mr Pinko? You just did five days x 2 hours + Friday night and US&eh on Monday last week…more power to your partner! “Do you still love me more than your online audience? Those patriotic shoes are bothering me, honey!”

  2. Women do not belong in a male team’s locker room. Would a male sports reporter insist on being in a woman team’s locker room while the women are undressed?


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