Seth Rogen’s Latest Gets Plenty Of Free Publicity From SJWs

The animated adult comedy “Sausage Party” opened on Thursday to howls of protest from Social Justice Warriors. Meant as a parody of Disney / Pixar animations, it references all kinds of stereotypes, which has SJW types up in arms over a movie about a talking hot dog.  More

Trailer Here

(Warning: This trailer drops F* and S* words like crazy, which is supposed to be funny, I guess).




20 Comments on Seth Rogen’s Latest Gets Plenty Of Free Publicity From SJWs

  1. This was a desperate attempt by Seth Rogan to remain relevant. He’s not. And I’m hearing this movie is vile.

  2. When I heard them mention SAUSAGE PARTY on the TV I thought they were talking about another alternative to the TRUMP CAMPAIGN!

  3. I read part of the leaked script online and let me just say… that I think it’d be a fantastic idea to ban Seth Rogen from ever shopping at another grocery store ever again. The man is depraved, this is one time I’m GLAD that sjw are so psychotic, I hope they rip off his chest hair with knife and draw and quarter the dopey pervert.

  4. The only people who are crying about this movie are tards who are addicted to movies and TV. And I don’t give a flying fuck about them.

  5. Two really good movies out right now that cater to people “Like Us”. And it’s been a while. Mel Gibson in Blood Father. And Hell or High Water. I haven’t been to the movies in years. If I don’t need to unstrap I’ll probably check these out.

  6. It’s a Seth Rogan movie. I didn’t pay anything to have it made, and I won’t pay to see it because that’s not my cup of tea. I don’t know what the SJW’s are so hopped up about – Rogan has no obligation to make a film which caters to the political views of anyone. If you don’t like it, don’t see it.

  7. Wasn’t planning to see it because it’s stupid and depraved but now that the sjw are offended by it I have to admit I sorta want to see it a little.

  8. My husband and I saw it this afternoon with the teenagers. Big mistake. Have you ever been to a party where you were the only one not drinking/drunk/stoned senseless, and you find all the dopes around you mildly amusing for 15 minutes or so, but then they become tiresome and you just want to go home? That was exactly how this movie felt to me, which makes sense, because Rogen WAS actually stoned when he came up with the concept. The movie is a stream of gutter language and dirty jokes, passed off as wit and humor. The only funny/dirty part to me (spoiler alert) was the “food orgy” scene at the end, where food items have sex with each other. The nicest thing about this movie was looking down the row of seats and seeing that my husband and teens were sleeping through much of it,

    PS – happy to watch the left devour itself…please go ahead, SJWs, and harp on Rogen all day long.

  9. I hope Rogen gets food poisoning for all eternity. I hope that every time he’s seen eating a hot dog in public, that the entire internet makes a huge meme out of it and he’s forever known as ‘that’ asshole who made a food fetish movie where a bag of poop rapes food and thought it was a good idea.

  10. Hey, this is good news. The bigger point here is that the movie advocates for vegetables. They have “feelings” too. With PETA already advocating for animals liberals will have no choice but to stop eating. Voila! NO MORE LIBERALS!!!

  11. Probably not for me either. But do go see it, if that’s what you want. You easily offended, Gestapo type’s… STAY THE FUCK HOME!

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