Settled Science: There Really Are ‘Latte Liberals’

Steven Hayward/ Powerline: I’m sure most readers took note of the hoax identity politics academic journal articles recently, but I have found a real article that you could easily suppose to be a hoax. The article is “The Real Reason Liberals Drink Lattes,” and it appears in PS, which is a secondary journal of the American Political Science Association (APSA). (That’s PS, not BS, you wiseacres out there!)

This relevant bit of social science deserves to be savored at length, especially as the article is behind a paywall that costs more than a week’s quota of liberal lattes. The authors examine and test with data four hypotheses for why liberals may drink more lattes than normal Americans (my term, not theirs). I especially like the third hypothesis:

It is well established in American politics that women are more liberal than men (Kittilson 2016). What is less well known is that women also are more likely to drink lattes. Based on coffee-preference data collected by Zagats, lattes are the favorite drink among women at 22%, with regular coffee trailing closely behind at 19% (Brown 2015). The preferred drink among men is regular coffee at 30%, with espresso next best at 14% (Hernandez 2015). Thus, latte-drinking liberals may be a spurious function of women’s preferences for lattes.

Are you allowed to say this in an academic journal these days? It gets even better when you introduce the “pumpkin spice latte” into the variables: 

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  1. Every time I look at the Peets Coffee menu, trying to decide what to order, globalization is on my mind… Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    And then I order the dark chocolate orange mocha. Because I like it.

  2. Most ‘Latte Liberals’ insist on soy milk as the ‘milk’ since cow’s milk is bad for the planet. And, they drink them at StarBigBucks. No wonder they’re wussies.

  3. Did anyone else think that this “scientific” thesis is completely absurd?
    I agree that this reading was hoax-like, if not satire.
    I prefer my foreign grown coffee black with no sweetener.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. I can honestly say I’ve never had a latte, when I drink coffee which is not very often I prefer good old fashioned coffee (no Folgers etc.) and maybe some creamer and a little sugar and that’s it. Some of the best coffee I ever drank was in the Philippines where they make very strong coffee with an extreme buzz in small cups. It was like No Doze on steroids.

  5. I’m not even sure what a latte is… some kind of coffee drink, but beyond that… If they have them at Dunkin’ Donuts, I haven’t noticed. I like black coffee with my donuts.

  6. Good coffee doesn’t need anything added to it.
    We drink Kirkland (Costco) house blend medium roast whole bean, coarse ground and put into a percolator, which produces much nicer coffee than any drip machine I’ve ever used.

    I’ve had latte and cappucino and the like served to me but it just didn’t satisfy the way a mug of good black coffee does. I will admit, though, to enjoying an espresso on occasion.

    I suppose liberals drinking lattes, etc., is a good thing from their perspective: they pay too much for too little so the baristas can get their $15/hr but it doesn’t come out of MY pocket.

  7. What the hell is that crap that looks like finger painting with turds in that cup?
    Good coffee is great back and hot.
    We have a Kuerig but use the refillable pods (cheaper than tie KCups). I usually get what is ihe BOGO sale at Publix. Sometimes it is hazelnut or a seasonal pumpkin spice Dunkin Donut bagged coffee. A bag lasts for weeks and is made as strong as I like. My wife makes hers weaker.
    When in college I used to do cream and sugar, but switched to black in the Air Force. Prefer it black.
    I do remember Mexican coffee (Kalula, taquila, coffee, and cream) as an after dinner drink at California Mexican restaurants.
    I made the mistake once buying a bag of Starbucks bagged coffee at the grocery store when it was on sale. It was so strong and nasty, I couldn’t get it to taste good. I had to throw that crap out.

  8. I’ve never even tasted coffee in my life. I knew it was a drug when I was 8 years old and saw how adults acted when they couldn’t get “Their” coffee right away.
    Coffee was used by the Muslims in the middle ages to fire up their soldiers for battle. So it’s an established fact that it makes people want to kill other people.
    Stop drinking coffee and switch to marijuana.
    darn it……..I forgot what else I wanted to say………

  9. @Mark S. Mcgrew:

    So it’s an established fact that [coffee] makes people want to kill other people.

    Dang! You’re right! I’ve been drinking coffee for more than 50 years and I sure DO want to kill other people. I never have killed anyone, and don’t think I ever will (unless they need killin’), but I do give it some thought from time to time. (-:

  10. Just hold the phone — the dead give away — the progressive liberal who wears her sleeves too long, her little dainty fingers peeking out from under those childishly long sleeves, RUN AWAY! If you mess with these infantile progressives you are just asking for a charge of sexual assault, the next day, a year from now, 36 years from now.

    Another dead give away, she stands pigeon-toed, and everything she says sounds like a question…

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  11. Uncle Al……… may have something there…..I never took a sip of coffee in my entire life, but I am doing 27 years for killing 3 people, this time. Last time they only gave me Life and I was out in 13 years. Maybe I should cut back on the marijuana????
    Hi Uncle Al, nice to meet you. I always like your comments.


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