Settling In For the Winter Months and Epstein didn’t kill himself

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1 Sarthurk (Kato) This is the first time Kato had seen snow. Table mountain, Central Oregon coast. His dad was half Great Dane and Black Lab. His Mom was half German shepherd and Australian Shepherd.
2 Little Sis (Pistol) Waiting for the fire to be lit.
3 Doug Wakeman (Petey) My brother’s cat Petey coming out of his awesome condo.
4 RottyLover (Sister)
5 Snowball the Sourpuss (Gwenny Lou)
6 & 7 TRF (Snickers)
8 Jerry Manderin (Ciera)
9 Ramona (Spike) Puppy Spike on the deck – Winter 2015.

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17 Comments on Settling In For the Winter Months and Epstein didn’t kill himself

  1. It’s that time of year. Take care of your little furry buddies.
    It’s frookin cold.

    And Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  2. Awesome as always miss Claudia 🙂

    And of course Epstein Didn’t kill himself… But there is a good chance that John Brennan will. Heh


  3. My golden doesn’t sit in the sun on the porch, he lays in/on the snow. 19 degrees and he’s hot.

  4. Everybody fails to include the second part of the statement:

    Epstein didn’t kill himself

  5. Lazlo is going off topic, with a request for help
    Angus my hairy accomplice (Aussie Shepherd) suffers from allergies. I had an allergy panel done and he is allergic to planet earth. Corn, grass, kelp, all that crap.
    Lazlo has tried it all: grain free, limited ingredient, Benadryl, CBD oils, fish oils, humidifiers, and he still scratches and has back dandruff.
    My last untried step is Dynovite and the rice and hamburger diet.
    So, Lazlo humbly asks if anyone has any advice.

  6. Lazlo, our kitty is doing wonderfully on the vet-recommended Atopica for her allergies.

    Claudia’s critters make me want to put another sweater on. BRRRR.

  7. I knew I saw #5 cat somewhere before! Hi Gwenny! <3
    And #8- LOL! I didn't recognize Sierra with that snow mask. 😀

    My goodness what a carnival of cuties!
    Kato reminds me of my long ago pup. *sigh*

  8. Great pics everyone!

    Specially that ’emergence from the cat condo’, we have one on the front porch. Though for whatever reason, the ‘little girl’, our outside cat, does not use it anymore? She must have another, better condo to stay at a neighbors I guess!

    Have a great rest of Sunday…

    Thanks C!

    Oh and shhhhhhhhhh, Epstein did not kill himself in the Manhattan Tombs’ 22 miles from me.

    According to Wiki, he’s not even listed as a famous former occupant??!

    Someone in the IOTW should fix that right quick, just to see if it gets deleted.

  9. Penso che un sogno così non ritorni mai più
    Mi dipingevo le mani e la faccia di blu
    Poi d’improvviso venivo dal vento rapito
    E incominciavo a volare nel cielo infinito

    Volare, oh oh
    Cantare, oh oh oh oh
    Nel blu dipinto di blu
    Felice di stare lassù
    E volavo, volavo felice navidado
    Alto del sole

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