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Several Democrats Face Expulsion Over Student Debt Forgiveness

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In addition to the fact that it’s likely going to be found illegal at some point, only about 13 percent of Americans have student loan debt. This giveaway leaves out all the people who didn’t go to college or who have already paid off their debt, which is most Americans. All of us know that Biden is attempting to juice the vote by giving his base a benefit that we aren’t all getting but that we’re going to end up paying for. They don’t even have a real number on what that would cost yet — one count was a trillion dollars at a time when we are already suffering from 40-year high inflation.

While Democrats cite polls claiming student debt forgiveness is popular, a new Cato/YouGov poll shows that the majority oppose it once they understand some of the results of such a move, like higher inflation and rising tuition prices. More

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  1. the country is more and more each day looking like the ancient city of Sodom and we all remember what happened to that place.

  2. I worked while I was attending college to pay for it. I would go Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters where I would drive freight for 4 months that would cover most of the expenses of college for the next 3 quarters. I also had a part time job the rest of the year. It took me 5 years to get a 4 year degree because I had to skip a couple of quarters to work to help pay for the upcoming year.

    Unfortunately the cost of college has increased past the point of being able to work as you go to school. Back in the early 80’s I spent about $13,000 for my BS. In 2009-2013 I spent $78,000 at the same University for my son’s BS in the same Business school.

  3. Those who will get the otherwise Bogus Biden debt forgiveness thing have no idea that IRS will impose uber-taxes upon them. IRS doesn’t care about forgiveness-anything but only those juicy high taxes imposed on the gullible and stupidly non-thinking naive.

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