Sex Change Regret: Walt Heyer

Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey: Walt Heyer is a former transgender woman who now dedicates his time helping others who regret sex change and those who struggle with body dysmorphia. We discuss his experiences and ways to better treat those who suffer from this.

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  1. It’s a mental illness that has been exploited by the left as part of their program to upend society. They’ve created yet another oppressed minority group to fill their ranks and it continues to spread.
    It’s so plain to see that it amazes me they get away with it but they do.

  2. The manifold idolatry of weather worship (climate hysteria), sodomy, infanticide, child rape, transvestitic butchery, drug enslavement, welfare enslavement, “race” hatreds, forcing lies to be accepted as truth while speaking truths can be prosecuted…nothing the Left claims to care about is REALLY what the Left cares about. No individual used by the Left to further any cause means anything to the Left. Humans are perfectly disposable and simply do not matter.

    The goal in defending and promoting these evils is the gradual warping of mass perceptions. This warps reality to their preferred state, in turn making “free” peoples easier to control and absolute power easier to attain.

    The only god the Left worships is POWER.

    Make that the starting point for every question you have about why the Left does the insane things it does. Your confusion will vanish as it all quickly becomes crystal clear.

  3. Used to be “Marry in haste; repent in leisure.”
    Now it’s “Surgery in haste; remorse in leisure.”

    I’m not sure why the humans should give a fuck about them, before or after.
    (but maybe that’s un-Christian)

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I like be believe there is more to being human than genitalia. Maiming oneself in order to feel complete is contradictory.

  5. Its just the same as if a patient went to the doctor and told him about the voices in his head that keep telling him he has too many fingers.
    The good doctor removes a few fingers to alleviate the poor patient’s anxiety


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