Sex is Good For The Heart

Maxim is citing a new study that for men between 40 to 70 those who had the most sex had the lowest risk of developing cardiovascular disease. They go on to observe “those who had sex two to three times a week were 45 percent less likely to have heart problems than those who only get it once a month.” More 

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  1. In that case Bill Clinton should look as ageless as Keanu Reeves, and yet he looks more shriveled than a 90 year old ballsac (pardon my french).

    …could be that committing demonic atrocities repeatedly counteracts it though. That might explain it. ;b

  2. Your guys are so so funny! …smile…. I recommend forced chastity –honesty– a constant hard-on, and very hard out door work. Those men are compliant, healthy, happy, also.
    …..Lady in Red

  3. After reading this study, I tried to have sex at least twice a week. But worrying about the police enforcing the restraining order was stressful and didn’t do my hippocampus any good. And I think the heart benefits came from jumping out the window and running 6 blocks down the street to escape that angry husband. But according to my neighbors, my wife’s heart should be good for another 40 or 50 years.

  4. I think it’s because men in that age group having (wanting to in the first place) sex 2~3 times a week are healthier and in better shape to begin with. The sex isn’t the cause, it’s the result.


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