Sexbots or Crackpot?

George Washington University Law School professor, John Banzhaf, is warning us all to act now and outlaw “Sexbots, especially those which can be programmed to act as if they are being raped, and those which act and appear to be young children…”


Where do you think the draw line should be drawn?




All the above or none of the above?

h/t Andrew Klaven Show on Daily Wire

18 Comments on Sexbots or Crackpot?

  1. Have laws against fucking chickens or donkeys kept anybody that wanted to from fucking chickens or donkeys? Highly unlikely. Laws against sex bots or nutty professors would no doubt be equally ineffective. There “ought to be a law” isn’t the answer to everything.

  2. I’ll make the argument that many sex offenders start off with the fantasy of committing the act, then watch the pornography and rehearse in their own mind.

    I fear introducing pedobots or rapebots is just another part of living the sick, twisted fantasy and moves the person closer to committing the act on a real person not farther away from it.

  3. We release neutered mosquitos to mess up their reproduction, why should this be different? “Gender confused? We have a machine perfect for you!”

  4. It’s not a person. It’s a home appliance.

    Outlawing a machine because of what it looks like is idiotic.

    Remember when liberals used to make fun of people for wanting to law sex toys? Enjoy your dildos, hypocrites!

  5. Actually, another point I want to bring up:

    I’m not into S&M, or “rape” sex-play. But I do know some people who are. A friend of mine and his wife do that pretend “rape fantasy” stuff.

    So, are we going to outlaw that? No? Good, I agree. It’s two consenting adults, having fun.

    So if we’re all OK with two actual human being engaging in pretend “rape play”, why are we not OK with one person and an inanimate object doing the same?

    Who exactly is getting hurt, either way?

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