Sexual harassment, abuse accusations emerge after John Hockenberry forced out from NPR station

FOX: A bombshell report Monday links former ABC, NBC and NPR journalist John Hockenberry to accusations of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment, months after he was forced out of radio station WNYC in New York City.

According to the report from WNYC, which it claims senior management had no oversight in writing, a combination of sexual harassment complaints, poor performance during live interviews and the cultivation of a hostile work environment prompted the public radio network to opt out of renewing the 61-year-old’s contract in 2017. The Emmy and Peabody award-winner is now the latest in a growing number of public radio figures ousted from their jobs.


Fans and employees alike were scratching their heads when his exit from the long-running show “The Takeaway,” which he’d hosted for almost a decade, was announced with little explanation. As previously reported, author Suki Kim, who appeared on the show, accused Hockenberry, who spoke openly about being paraplegic, of unwanted sexual advances and sending her suggestive emails. Even after she stopped responding, he reportedly continued to make contact. This eventually led to a formal complaint to the network that came around the time of Hockenberry’s contract renewal.

Kim posted an article detailing her experience in The Cut, where more women came forward with allegations against Hockenberry.

“It horrifies me that I made the talented and driven people I worked with feel uncomfortable, and that the stress around putting together a great show was made worse by my behavior,” Hockenberry said in a statement.

However, in the new report from WNYC, it seems that the allegations of harassment were just the final straw. Several employees who chose to remain anonymous claimed Hockenberry created a hostile work environment with staffers, particularly women. People were often crying after one-on-one meetings with him and it was said he was not shy about verbally ridiculing someone if he felt his or her job performance was lacking.

Around the same time, staffers reported he would show up late and underprepared for interviews. When the time came to renew his contract, this swirl of negativity and unprofessionalism reportedly contributed to the network’s decision against his renewal.  read more

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  1. PBS, the VA, Congress, most anything government-run, seem to be the most dangerous workplaces, totally oblivious to the laws that government creates to fashion a safe workplace. Golly!

    Fire them all, Mr Trump. MAGA

  2. So on one hand we have liberal feminist women, mostly unattractive women who are bitter they can’t get a man. Then on the other hand, we are seeing a lot of unattractive liberal males, so repulsive they couldn’t get an attractive female without using their position of power to sexually abuse them.

    It seems like the logical thing to do would be get these libs together since they are all so hard up. But looks like they repulse each other too lol.

  3. I like how he admits he’s an asshole, tells them he should be fired and whatnot, but he said that knowing they wouldn’t do anything about him. lol.

  4. I don’t think I have ever listened to national progressive radio. Democratic operatives with bylines.
    As I’ve said before most liberals have a severe sexual mental illness.


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