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Sgt. 1st Class Nicoson Acquitted

This Ain’t Hell: Fort Bragg paratrooper acquitted of charges related to gunfight in Syria.

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  1. I have never served in the military, never been in combat, never led a patrol in a war zone.

    But I HAVE had people very sincerely try to kill ME.

    Because of that, I can tell you that you will do or say whatever comes to you on the spur of the moment, combined with muscle memory self-defense teachings, to survive the situation. Consequences can wait till later as dead men don’t worry about consequences. “Better to be judged by 12 (or 8, in his case) than to be carried by 6”, as the saying goes.

    And that’s with ONE guy trying to kill me.

    It’s likely amped up pretty good when you’re in a hostile nation of suicidal fanatics who want to kill you and everyone who LOOKS like you.

    That is why it’s best left to people who HAVE lived that life, a “…combat experienced panel,”, as the article puts it.

    Those people know better than most the truth of what our own The Cisco Kid (a veteran himself) says, that “No plan survives contact with the enemy”.

    These seasoned veterans judged him through the lens of that experience, and aquitted him accordingly.

    Nice that there are STILL real men in the command structure of the Democrat decimated military.

    But in the comments of that blog, those who seem to know the military think they all signed a career death warrant.

    “January 10, 2022 at 8:22 am
    What cha wanna bet that the Court Martial Panel will be quietly told to put their retirement papers in? And that SFC Nicoson will never see E-8 rank? Can’t be having a Platoon SGT doing his job of looking after his troops and returning fire when fired upon.”

    …and many agree with this assessment.

    How long will this Nation be able yo survive Democrat “leadership” if it is accepted as a fait accompli that they will destroy our entire military and there’s nothing we can do about it?

    What CAN we do about it?

    …to that question, History has long provided an answer…

  2. Amazing given the political-correctness in ranks these days!

    Blow me, Connie, I’ll only charge you $64296for the honor!

  3. The truest statement of all…

    Charged by those not there, who take months to second guess a decision made in the blink of an eye.


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