Shake Well Before Using

You want to work in Norway, you do it the Nor way.



Muslim Teacher Refuses Coworker’s Handshake.

According to Norwegian online newspaper NRKa Muslim male educator has lost his teaching position at Ekeberg Primary School after refusing to shake any of his female coworkers’ hands, which is the standard cultural greeting in Norway.Although the man invoked his right to express his religious beliefs, the elementary school finalized its decision not to extend his teaching contract.

The school maintains that the teacher’s unwillingness to adopt simple Norwegian cultural fundamentals would have a negative impact on students, as he would play a formidable role in molding their lives. Principal Bente Alfheim explained that despite warning the teacher several times that he must comply with their standards for the sake of workplace harmony, he continuously refused.


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  1. I am ready to beat, whip and kill
    these savage sand apes until they
    are all gone from AMERICA THE GREAT!
    Then I want to methodically root out the
    “Veche” who let them in… Now we know
    Linda SoSour was in cahoots with the NM Imam
    who beat & starved children and was teaching
    them to shoot up schools.You can’t make this
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  2. If I offer my hand in friend ship, and you don’t take it, you’ve just issued the greatest insult. I hope you’re a BAMF. I’ll deliver my best.

  3. B_B,
    It’s not you, it’s the whether you’re a male or a female. Male (I refuse to call them “men”) muzzies will not make contact with a female unless it’s rape.

  4. @Deplorable B:

    “rape” is such a…difficult…word. We should try to use the phrase “cultural exchange” instead.

    Swedish Board of Tourism/Immigration/Reverse Assimilation/Capitulation

  5. Show of hands (you see what i did there):

    1) Norwegian Party member in good standing, banishes Party imported Muslim for acting Muslim.

    2) Norwegian Party member in good standing, banishes man for not groveling to feminism.

  6. About time the Nords woke up to the diverse danger they have invited into their country. Assimilate, or leave.


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