Shapiro, Who Swore Michelle Fields Was Assaulted By Lewandowski, Says Acosta Did Nothing

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  1. Geezus, this self-anointed political referee is so annoying.

    Can you imagine dinner at the Shapiro house? Oy vey.

  2. I don’t think Acosta deliberately intended to touch this girl. It doesn’t look like a conscious “I’m going to put my hands on her” thing. However, clearly he brought his hand down on her arm. Acosta’s claim that he didn’t touch her is the lie.

    That being said, I don’t think there was any intent to harm her. Jim’s thought process was more immediate: “Must keep attention on me. Not done grandstanding. Must keep mic.” The intern simply became an obstacle to that, and single-focused Acosta reacted without thinking.

    Like a drunk uncle giving a humiliating toast at a wedding reception who is too self-centered and wasted to realize his toast is belligerent and inappropriate. So the maid of honor tries to get the mic away from him and during the scrum, the uncle’s belly knocks her into the cake.

  3. “Experts” are saying the video was doctored. I don’t have an opinion on that but Ben’s right, Acosta should have been banned just for being a dick.

  4. Remember this next time Shapiro gets smacked around by a trigglypuff at one of his cleverness shows, and he gets charged with the assault. None of the media NPC’s will be defending him. Including his cruise ship buddies. I suppose he also thinks Sarah Sanders should be fired for posting “doctored video”. Where Trump is concerned, there is no leftist talking point that Ben will not shove into his rectum.

  5. Kill switch for mic, controlled by the assistant. Backup mic on second channel in case media NPC coding causes media NPC to glitch and keep repeating monologue.

  6. If you have to analyze the clip frame by frame in order to see 3 missing frames, even if it is true, how the F$#& IS SARAH SANDERS SUPPOSED TO KNOW THE VIDEO WAS DOCTORED?????????

    Geezus, I hate the left.

  7. He still put his hands on her, at least in my view at normal speed it looks like he was pushing her away. These idiots need to show some damn respect and when an intern comes to take mic, hand it over, it doesn’t belong to you and you don’t try to jerk it back, you don’t try to keep them from getting it by trying to shove them away.
    Little Ben has always been a snake, hopefully our side will write him off as such and just ignore him even when he tries playing conservative when it suits him.
    Good riddance to Acosta and I for am glad they used him putting his hands on a young girl to kick him out.

  8. When does shapiro officially take over for bill kristol? Is Kristol still working?

    And as Fur said, from what Sanders wrote, she didn’t come out and say acosta ‘assaulted’ the lady like benny said about Lewandowski.

    Remember, michelle said Lewandowski practically pulled her to the ground. LOL.


  9. This is really simple.

    There’s more evidence of Jim’s assault on the intern than there is of Kavanaugh assaulting Ford.

  10. MJA childlike behavior is rampant coming from the left. Media scream like children trying to get their way and if you try to shut them off they want to play keep away. ANTIFA, BLM, teachers doing the bidding of unions, etc. run around yelling and stomping their feet, often even worse to get what they want.
    When my kids were little and through temper tantrums they either got their butts spanked, put in a corner or ignored. We obviously need some paddles and a big cage to lock them all up in as we whip their ass on the way in.

  11. Dianny is right, but Acost’ed DID have physical contact with this intern. I believe that actually falls under the definition of BATTERY. As for Shapiro, I’m dumping anything I get from him (blogs, etc.). This guy has turned into an asshole. BTW – whatever DID become of Michelle Fields?? DOn’t really care, tho’. ;^)

  12. MJA, he put Florida on notice today that’s he sending better lawyers than a Clinton crony to expose the fraud.
    He also called out Obama for making our country unsafe.

    Trump has been a fighter, but I think they all may have finally pushed a little too far and he’s going to start kicking asses and taking names.

  13. BFH,
    No Doctor. None needed.
    3 frames?
    Sounds like a normal ATSC IVTC telecine frame pattern filter doing Interlaced conversions. Nothing doctored. Digital Video processing does that. Very easy explaination. ‘Where are the 3 missing frames?’.

    Actually, the 6 missing fields are even more damning to Acosta.

    I am a camera camera camera


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