Shaq Denounces His Status as a Celebrity: ‘These Celebrities Are Out of Their Mind’

Western Journal: Former NBA megastar and TNT basketball analyst Shaquille O’Neal has always stood out in the world of celebrities and beloved athletes, and not just because he’s over 7 feet tall.

In the mid-1990s, my family couldn’t, or wouldn’t, buy me the latest pair of Michael Jordan’s expensive Air Jordan shoes from Nike. My mother said O’Neal’s much more affordable Shaq Attaq shoe from Reebok would be sufficient.

Turns out, Mom was right. I wore them with pride.

Shaq has always had an underlying quality of humility and charm to accompany his on-the-court greatness. Since retiring from the game in 2011, he’s become a cultural phenomenon, a top basketball commentator and the face of numerous products that I might consider buying, thanks to the spokesman.

But don’t you dare call the four-time NBA champ a “celebrity.” read more

17 Comments on Shaq Denounces His Status as a Celebrity: ‘These Celebrities Are Out of Their Mind’

  1. Yes and I’ve denounced my celebrity-ness too.
    I’m not buying another round for the house at the A&B Bar and lounge.

  2. I laughed my ass off when Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley denounced and ridiculed Juicy Smellit on air at ESPN. ESPNs woke producers were tearing their hair out, desperate to make the two NBA stars stop destroying the woke narrative

  3. He is speaking sense and denouncing celebrity culture. He is also funding kids ability to play sports. I approve of his message and have no reason to doubt his sincerity.

  4. Seems like a guy who at least is able to practice introspection. More likely to be a decent guy than many others who have achieved fame. Most in many sports and entertainment couldn’t buy a clue.

  5. I like Him and Chuck Barkley.

    I don’t really remember them being anything like LeBrown Nose James.

    But honestly, I don’t watch NBA at all.

  6. Most of the celebrities I have known have been pretty low-key, generally very sociable and not full of themselves. They are friendly to fans, but would rather spend time with friends.
    But they also aren’t the ones constantly in front of the TV cameras offering their opinions on this or that.

  7. I’ve never seen Shaq as being woke.
    He reminds me of George Foreman, a great athlete and an amiable pitchman.
    That said, I understand everyone’s reluctance to celebs.
    The dude sells EVERYTHING!

    What is really funny is how many black dudes are pitchman for products yet the whole country is filled with racists!

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