‘Shark Tank’s’ Kevin O’Leary tells ‘View’ hosts Trump will win re-election due to low unemployment

FOX: “Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary predicted on Tuesday that President Trump would win re-election given the state of unemployment in the U.S.

“In history, there’s never been — in modern times, ever — a president of either party that’s ever lost their mandate when unemployment was under 4 percent,” he said during Tuesday’s “The View.”

O’Leary’s comments came as President Trump saw another blockbuster jobs report for January. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that month saw an increase of 225,000 jobs and an unemployment rate of 3.6 percent.

“View” co-host Joy Behar responded by claiming that Trump wasn’t “that popular” even amid stellar unemployment figures. Fellow “Shark Tank” investor Mark Cuban told O’Leary: “There’s always a first.”

“Look, I’m not pro-Trump … I’m not pro or con anybody,” O’Leary said. “I’m just saying I’m an investor. I have to think about policy and I think the chance that Bernie is going to turn this country into a communist country is zero.” more here

5 Comments on ‘Shark Tank’s’ Kevin O’Leary tells ‘View’ hosts Trump will win re-election due to low unemployment

  1. Don’t know O’Leary’s politics, and I won’t watch The View, but as a captive audience, I have watched him on Shark Tank a few times. He’s an asshole.

  2. He’s a capitalist asshole though that would prefer not to give his money to welfare leeches. I can respect him for that point of view.

  3. There are a whole bunch of reasons why President Trump will get reelected, all of them to one degree or another are valid.

  4. popular?

    what would behar know about being popular?

    I bet she had to give sample bj’s to all the guys in her high school class as an audition to get her a prom date


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