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‘Shark Week’ beats CNN


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  1. CNN would pick up some viewers if they would run that video. That dumb bastard Acosta is now trying to say that the media is not the enemy and is blaming Trump and the Deplorable’s.

  2. Consider all airports, doctor offices, and similar areas have CNN turned on mandatory viewing. Knock out that forced viewership and “less than half the viewers of Shark Week” suddenly becomes less than a tenth. They should run the numbers again to include only TVs where the volume is louder than closed caption.

  3. Acosta reminds me of the old saw about the son on trial for murdering his parents, asks for leniency, because he’s an orphan.

  4. Investors should raise hell. If CNN wanted to be honest, they could grab a goodly hunk of $$!

    Actual competition is good for consumers.

  5. Wait. Since CNN is the prime habitat of media sharks who report(?) fiction to The People, (only the commie brainwashed would listen), does that mean they are losing to fictional sea sharks that eat people?

    Poor Jim Acosta, what horror is to be thrust upon him, next? What DO you do with the most obnoxious, privileged-white reporter on CNN? How does he keep his job there?

    Maybe that is why he is so reprehensibly boorish; trying to keep his job, by trying to demonstrate a white-privileged male can act like an ass.


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