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‘Sharks are amassing’: Tracker shows great white sharks gathering on East Coast

NYP: A Twitter user recently raised the alarm by posting a screenshot of a tracker app showing about 100 sharks gathering in the Atlantic Ocean near the East Coast of the US.

A platform user with the handle @punished_stu tweeted early Wednesday “sharks are amassing on the east coast” with an accompanying screenshot of about 100 sharks along the US coast line. The tweet went viral, garnering more than 6,000 retweets and 53,000 likes.

“I occasionally log in to check that the nearest Great White is at least 2000 miles away,” the Twitter user followed up.

The graphic came from shark tracking website Ocearch, which attempted to calm unnerved social media users.

A spokesperson for the tracker told The Sun there’s no cause for concern. MORE HERE

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  1. And the upshot from the researchers: it is caused by CLIMATE CHANGE!! Take that you DENIERS!

    Yeah, right. They have been recorded in the NW Atlantic for more than a century and one of their favorite foods (seals) live in abundance near Cape Cod. I even seem to remember a movie about one 1975

  2. I know, this is one of my bugaboos that I feel the need to respond to. So here goes.
    Per https://www.trackingsharks.com/2021-shark-attack-map/ , there have been 79 ‘attacks’ globally this year. 8 deaths (which is on the high side of the annual average), ZERO in USA, which averages one every couple of years. Most are Australia & South Africa.
    Of those 79 ‘attacks’ this year guess what – more than half are in USA!!! Two-thirds of those are in FL, the rest in HI, CA, and likely Carolinas. And most of them are nips on the ankle in murky water, requiring a band-aid or a couple of stitches.
    I do recommend avoiding areas with sea lions and similar though, as that is what the big sharks feed on and they certainly can mistake a swimmer or surfer for a sea lion before spitting him out.
    How bad are shark attacks??? So bad that this article had to use a 9-year total to scare you! https://www.the-sun.com/news/3337174/shark-attack-explosion-mauled-swimmers-warning-signs/

  3. Please tell me there is a swim race scheduled between NY/NJ politicians and NY/NJ Lawyers.

    Fingers crossed that professional courtesy isn’t a thing for the sharks.

  4. 1975 movie theater…

    the only seats left were in the front row

    Movie: Jaws.

    When that head floated out of the hole in the bottom of that boat i about shit cement blocks.

    No sharks for me, thank you

  5. Let the gw sharks go north and the polar bears go south and duke it out in the Davis Strait or somewhere up greenland way. I’m not taking sides but it would be a heavyweight battle of the ages.

  6. Yeeeesss but are the apex predators ‘vaccillated’and wearing masks (below their noses) though?
    That’s the only thing they should be tracking.
    Please… do it. lol

  7. Strange how we can track sharks swimmng in the vast ocean but cannot track humans walking into our country illegally. The sharks are already here…and living in the swamp that is Washington DC.

  8. Sadly, real science has become corrupt. In Florida, a marine-sciences researcher cannot get funding unless he somehow relates his research on how it impacts Manatees.

    In the rest of the USA and the world, science researchers cannot get funding unless they somehow correlate their research to either the Global Warming scam or to the Chink Flu.

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