Sharpton: Bill Maher Apology for Racial Slur ‘Not Enough, Must Be Held Accountable’

Breitbart: Al Sharpton says Bill Maher got off easy when he apologized for using a racial slur on last week’s episode of his HBO show Real Time.

“It was disgraceful,” Sharpton told TMZ of Maher. “I have a lot of respect for Bill. He’s a friend, I’ve been on his show many times, but he is totally wrong. This is outrageous. He must be held accountable. There is no joke about using the N-word.”

“I’m very disappointed in Bill and I think to just say it and apologize and not have some accountability is not enough,” the left-wing activist and former MSNBC anchor added.  more

35 Comments on Sharpton: Bill Maher Apology for Racial Slur ‘Not Enough, Must Be Held Accountable’

  1. As a friend of mine would say:

    “What can I say,
    after I say,
    ‘I’m sorry'”?

    Maybe honorable seppuku would be the next step.

  2. I see Al has reprized his role as Jack the monkey in Pirates of the Caribbean; Dead Men Tell No Tales.

    What an awful little hypocrite.

  3. I’m not a defender of Maher, but it was NOT a racial slur.
    He called hisself a “house nigger” not a negroid-type-person a “house nigger” so where is the slur?
    If you go into the Library and ask for a copy of “The Nigger of the ‘Narcissus'” have you committed a racial slur?

    Fuckin Bullshit. And who appointed that virulent racist Sharpton supreme arbiter of racism, anyway?

    Fuck Sharpton AND fuck Maher.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Unlike the despicable Sharpton, Maher hasn’t gotten anybody killed with his “racist” rhetoric.

  5. But, will Maher or any other “progressive” leftist realize that this is the result of the never-ending political correctness that they have supported for years? My prediction is “No”. They don’t see it, they can’t see it because it is their religion.

  6. Also, I enjoy reading the quote “He’s a friend”. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  7. So, this fraud/clown thinks he’s the gatekeeper? When you going to apologize for Freddies Fashon Mart you repulsive little insect?

  8. Hmmmm. I don’t recall the good revrum pitching a fit when the New York Times published a cartoon where Condoleezza Rice was called Bushs’ house nigger.

  9. I am old enough to remember when Colored and Negro were the polite words for the common word that seems to be the source of so much attention this week. Remember when Black Was Beautiful? It’s amazing how little progress our country’s first American-African made in putting race behind us in eight years, and how much worse off the racial realities are now. It sure seems likely that the Revruns Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright had more influence than Martin Luther King on the Obama Presidency.

  10. Someone should remind the right reverend “resist we much” al of the good book’s “to forgive is devine” passages. But then he has always preached the opposite of scripture.

  11. Well, Well, looks like the Reverend Al is looking for a racist shake down payment from Maher and HBO.
    More importantly why hasn’t the Trump IRS brought felony tax evasion charges against this disgusting, piece of racist shit gargoyle? Now that Ex-Dictator Obama, his protector, is gone from office, why hasn’t this criminal been locked up for the next 20 years?

    Well???? Let’s see some well deserved justice be visited on Sharpton

  12. it was one of the few times i actually thought maher was funny…..and kinda a smart “snappy comeback”….and also, self-deprecating, sort of……

    … it was obviously going to get him in trouble….. 🙂

  13. maher better listen to sharpton or he may get burned.

    a payment is what al wants, not some dumbass lame apology from some white cracker with a nose like a banana.

    and not some one time payment but a regular donation to a charity of his choice that he can siphon off of.

  14. hey irs !

    is al current on his taxes ?

    I know where he can be found, every penny counts these days.

  15. Al Shart’s neck muscles will give out at some point. He will go to Zambia for its advanced neuromuscular specialists.

  16. I wonder whether Al was sitting at home (now that his show’s been cancelled along with Obama) sipping his Purple Drank and watching his “good friend” Maher trip over his dick he started thinking that “Real Time with Al Sharpton” had a pretty good ring to it and went to dust off a suit and look for a microphone.

  17. Speaking of accountability, aren’t your back-taxes up around 6 or 7 million now, with all those penalties & interest added?
    Better call Saul, Al.

  18. Perhaps a bit off topic, but why does every picture of Al Sharpton look as if his head was photo-shopped?

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