Sharyl Attkisson Calls It For Trump

All My Money on Trump Reelection Now, No Matter Who Democrats Pick.

Sharyl Attkisson, an actual journalist, offers a list of reasons why all her monoey is on Trump reelection now, no matter who the Democrats pick to run against him. Bill Whittle analyzes her reasoning.

7 Comments on Sharyl Attkisson Calls It For Trump

  1. I got so sick and tired of those two psuedo intellectuals parsing the list out, I just left without hearing them all.

  2. Sounds like the same conclusions drawn about 2016’s “Sure Thing”. Nothing is in the bag here. VOTE, no matter what the polls say about Trump winning. I just don’t trust the opposition.

  3. I love Bill Whittle but Scott Ott’s barely concealed Never Trumpism annoys me no end. I don’t know why Whittle keeps him around.


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