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  1. Smile worthy. TY for posting this BFH.

    My first thought was nice sweaters. Then I thought the wool needs some cashmere added.

  2. That was cute.

    But, not being a guy, I STILL got nervous when he was shaving around those big things. Umm, you know…

  3. When I was A teen back in the early 70’s, our neighbors had sheep, and housed a New Zealand professional sheep shearer who did a demo at the Oregon State Fair. He used a hand shear, and could do it just as fast as using an electric one. Kinda like Paul Bunyon sorta…

  4. Notice Whitey relieves the sheep of his overgrowth, the sheep is docile and satisfied.

    Contrast with Islamonazis ass-raping, starving and depriving the same species.

  5. I watched sheep shearing many times when I was a kid. I kid you not. That’s where those Aran sweaters came from.
    In the movie “The Sundowners,” with Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr (1960), there is a great sheep shearing competition. Fun film.

  6. Thanks for that clip, Fur. Made me a little sad. I miss my sheep. Shearing day was always hectic. Since I raised them for their fleece, I was always dashing around the animal gathering up the wool.

    It was a hoot watching them march off after the shearing, walking stifflegged, naked and indignant.

    STANK? Boobie? What is it with some of you guys. My husband was devoted to the sheep, enjoyed caring for them, loved watching me spin the wool for his sweaters. But once that fleece was off the animal and bundled in my arms, he turned green and took off 🙂 I loved the aroma.


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