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She Called The Cops

She’s kind of a big deal…

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  1. I am not saying she should be the first piece of shit that should be shot through the head I’m saying she should at least be among the first 150 liberal ASSHOLES to be put down.

  2. Pretty soon her eyebrows will move beyond her hairline and disappear, just like her husband’s DUI will fade like a distant memory. 😬

    She sounds like a drunken Donald Duck. 🤪

  3. “She sounds like a drunken Donald Duck. 🤪 ”

    That’s because she is! Too bad she wasn’t in his brand new Porche when he slammed into that guy. Read where he’s being charged with DUI with bodily injury. Translate: Other driver just hit pay dirt. He’ll get a new truck and a trust fund to go with it. All is well again.

  4. Burned at the stake? Melania first. With the amount of plastic surgery she has had done, should go up like a match.

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