She Came for The Bell But Got the Doorknob

A woman in Upstate New York claims a recent Taco Bell included an unusual ingredient.

Fox 5 New York reports Eve Saint posted a photo on Facebook showing a “door knob” in her nachos from the fast food chain’s location in the Hudson Valley town of Fishkill, N.Y. The image shows a round handle covered in cheese, sauce and meat, mixed in with nacho chips.

According to the Hudson Valley Post, Saint claimed the incident occurred after she was waiting in the drive-thru for 45 minutes early in the morning on July 5, after the 4th of July holiday. Saint said she discovered the object in her food when she got home and called Taco Bell to complain.

An employee allegedly told her it was “impossible” for a doorknob to be in her nachos, and hung up on her. Saint later said she found out the item was a handle from a nacho cheese pump that somehow ended up in her food.

Some accused her of posting a “fake” photo, but she insists it’s real.

” I wish this s— was fake im hungry and waited in the drive through for 45 mins and im the only one who got a door knob,” she wrote on Facebook.

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  1. That was probably not the worst thing in there. I worked at fast food joints in the late 70’s. I’ve seen what “yoots” do to people’s food. You do not want to be eating that shit. Trust me. Make your own nachos.

  2. I have a hard time believing this, unless it was a deliberate act by an employee.

    It would be obvious in the order by whoever prepared it, as well as immediately obvious to whomever was preparing it that it had come off and was missing.

  3. Taco Hell gave her a door prize along with her nachos. And if she waited in the drive thru lane for 45 minutes she’s an idiot. I also have a hard time believing that Taco Hell serves nachos during breakfast hours.

  4. Why didn’t she just go to Jack in the Box, they’re open 24 hrs. and have cheap tacos to satisfy her highness and the munchies. If it had been a Taco Hell in Walla Walla they would have greeted her with Ding, dang, Walla Walla Bing bang and some singing chipmunks.

  5. Thirdtwin
    JULY 16, 2019 AT 9:01 AM
    “…Bring on the robots.”

    …I’m with you, but I work in a food plant. Parts fall off the automation and into the food, too, no humans required. There’s X-rays and metal detectors, but there’s also Third World machine operators with limited English skills and First World management that disregards and bypasses these machines so they can run more and get bigger bonuses.

    Also, stuff comes from the field with objects from the ground on the farm in it, farm machinery parts, parts and other things like gloves and stuff from bulk suppliers (metal detectors don’t pick up latex), etc, and so forth.

    …Robots just address ONE vector, while adding others. Probably better since they don’t act with malice, but not a panacea, either…

  6. Geoff we do not have Jack in the Box here. But we do have some actual Mexican restaurants she could have gone to instead and gotten better food faster.

  7. I say it’s fake. Open up the burrito, put a door knob in it smoosh it around and claim you got a door knob in your food. I’m calling fake on this one. I did get a rubber band once in my burrito from a local place here. It’s no longer in business. I left a remark on Yelp about it, but not long after that the place closed down. Workers talking on their cell phones without gloves on preparing your meal. WTF!

  8. My brother in law who is an Emergency Physician once found a large rubber band in a calzone he’d ordered from a local pizza place when the whole family went out to dinner. I don’t think any of us ever went back there.

  9. Adam Corolla tells about being a teenager and getting turned-down for a job at Taco Bell: “I’m sorry, son; you just aren’t Taco Bell material.”

  10. I was a tax preparer and had a client with a few Taco Bells. The packaging and wrapping for the food costs more than the food itself. I guess knowing that she got a bonus.

  11. My wife has had the Nacho DoorKnobs before and she said they aren’t bad just a little more crunchy than she likes.

  12. Drawer pull. Not a door knob, A drawer pull could have fallen off a drawer front or even a cabinet door since they are used for both. But who the hell would wait 45 min for ANYTHING from Taco Bell? Anyway, possibly not fake, but not probably.


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