She couldn’t be prouder

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  1. What about the “Equal Portions Act”

    You know how you either have too much pasta sauce or too much pasta on your plate and you keep having to add more of one or the other when you’re done eating? Same goes for cereal and milk.

  2. I hope some helpful person explains to her that the horrible impending doom coming from rising sea levels is exacerbated by lunar ocean tides, and so we need a crash NASA program to FREE THE MOON and let it self-identify in its own orbit.

  3. A lot of people think that leftist’s bullshit meters are broken and all we have to do is fix their bullshit meters with facts. They then wonder why facts don’t fix it. The problem is the leftist’s bullshit meters aren’t broken.

    The problem is they are the bullshit.

  4. TO Different Tim

    Thanks. I sent it to Fur along with the other Viareggio video of Trump as Superman/Astronaut, but he didn’t put it up.

  5. She also wisely has noticed that we NEED the Moon more since it shines when it is dark outside, the sun only works during daylight.

  6. how Daylight Savings Time will impact her plan . . .
    Digitally, analog or like she was schooled and knows.
    Nah, she’s just F’ing with her voters.
    Rhetorically, got it, I know,,

  7. Isnt the moon made out cheese? She better do somethin fast cause the chinaman is up there cutting slices off as i type. She needs to go up there and tell them to stop or soon there wont be enough cheese for everyone..

  8. Someone should tell her that there’s a DARK SIDE of the moon that she could use for power at night!

    I wonder if Hank Johnson is mentoring her?

  9. Them some CRAZY eyes on her.
    If only she was released on a interstate , think you would be able to dodge a F-150?

  10. Ocrazio Cortez told Don Lemon last week some time when he asked her about The Green New Deal. We gotta get rid of cows and airplanes, ’cause they cause soo much damage to the environment. We just gotta. She said.
    Don Lemon: I agree. but how do we get rid of air transport. I mean how do we go places?
    AOC: It’s easy. Just remember, 150 years ago we, strung a telephone wire from England to New York, under the sea.
    DL. I’m not aware of that?
    OAC. Oh yeah, it’s true. That’s how the King of England, James, I think, got his messages to his Generals who were fighting the slave owner, Washington, and the other slave owners. Oh it’s true.
    DL. Well I’m not hip on history but what has that to do with getting rid of air travel?
    OAC. Simple, if we can get a telephone from England to New York, I mean, 150 years ago, why can’t we build a bridge? I mean, you know, we got to the moon, why cant we get to England?
    Don Lemon: I see your point I see that you are a person of the future. Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you.
    OAC. Thank you for having me.

  11. Does she realize if her plan to eliminate air travel her other loon friend in congress from, Hawaii will spend most of her time on a boat.


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