She Finally Made It To The Prom


Delores Dennison never went to her high school prom.


Times were tough. Money was scarce — just enough for the necessities.

But if she had gone to the prom, Delores might have imagined wearing a lovely dress and promenading through a sea of balloons and dancing with a handsome young man on a crisp April evening. She might have imagined the band playing the Frank Sinatra song, “How I love the kisses of Delores.”

But the days of promenades have long passed for Delores, now 89-years-old. Youth and vigor have given way to heart trouble and a stroke. And the handsome young man who became the love of her life – the man who used to sing to her that Frank Sinatra song, passed away many years ago.


She got to go. SEE WITH WHO HERE

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  1. They went to Bob Evans. 🙂
    What a sweet story.

    Grandparents are the best. Mr. Illustr8r lost his Grandpa in January. Grandpa Bill was our last grandparent. It’s kind of an odd feeling knowing that. We never thought we’d be without.

  2. This one got me – in a very good way. A million thanks to JC Lady and BigFurHat.

    Just when I read the news again and get angry again and try to find a way to fight the discouraging feeling that we’re going down, down, down, up pops this wonderful, delightful, heart-warming item.

    I am deeply appreciative, and much calmer than I was 15 minutes ago (that’s a good thing!).

  3. @Uncle Al — this story had the same effect on me.
    He has to be a Conservative. There is hope for the future after all! 🙂

    @illustr8r — Bob Evans for the prom dinner – gotta love it! 🙂
    So sorry for the loss of Grandpa Bill. Bet he left y’all with tons of memories and stories.

  4. Ditto, Uncle Al…I’m heartbroken again and there was not a dog involved…

    G_D Bless this youngster and his Grandma.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. This young man received blessings for his kindness and love. And his parents and grandparents must be stellar!

    Great great clip.

  6. We need more stories like this.
    The bad ones are sexy and red meaty, and we get off on being sarcastic and snarky, but these stories are important.
    Great kid.

  7. @JClady He was a great guy. An Alaskan when it was still a territory. WWII vet and a commercial fisherman. We always talked politics…Mr. Illustr8r would hand me the phone and we’d rant for awhile. I liked his stories of the good ol’ days best. 🙂

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