She Gone- and Her $226k Salary

Ex-Hillary staffer and @RoswellPark senior executive spokesperson, Laura Krolczyk, called for death upon Trump supporters on Facebook. Not a good thing since she helped her boss make a PSA three days prior about not using inflammatory statements on social media-

@MichaelRCaputo —And it’s odd how just 3 days ago @RoswellPark head @DocCandace was on YouTube directing the public not to post inflammatory information on social media. Her senior executive spokesman actually did the taping, but apparently disagreed. (About 2:20 in) …

Caputo also pointed out that her idiocy occurred during business hours.

We all pay former Hillary Clinton staffer Laura Krolczyk $226,850 annually at
@RoswellPark as the senior executive spokesperson where she posts publicly on Facebook during the workday about ways she can assure Trump voters get COVID19.

Another one bites the dust.

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  1. Never ceases to amaze me.These useless
    vapid people get paid 5 times what I and
    others,like guys on this site that maintained
    sewer systems and saved lives,make a year.I
    built bridges,docks and piers for 13 years.I
    also maintained telcom equipment 24/7/365….
    The people who actually make this country and
    the world run are kept down in the trenches while
    the cubicle squatters and key board peckers make
    all the money.

  2. So, I suppose she will be looking for a new job. Too bad Weinstein is gone. How about (Russia, Russia, Russia) Zucker?

  3. This is the view of all top Democrats. The working people are all what gets stuck on your shoe after crossing the dog park. They believe themselves to be the ruling class and everyone else are just serfs and slaves. Flood the market with illegal immigrants. $15 minimum wage, so they can tax you back into poverty. Rather than having single family dwellings, you live in their public housing for more $3000 a month. You do not need a car, when you can use public transportation. Which also regulates, how, when, and where you can travel. All of which keep the population in servitude.

  4. Well, based on her obscene salary, at least she won’t be getting that $1200 dollars that all the peon taxpayers are going to get! Justice is served!

  5. If you think this attitude within the “health-care” industry is limited to Roswell Park, you’ve got another think coming.

  6. On her Facebook page, Hillary expressed “sorrow at her departure, and her pending suicide, next Tuesday”… 😳

  7. Excuse the eff outta me but why the hell are we the tax payers paying one damn dime to support the Clintons???

  8. Well the upside, Dr Candace will have more time available to spend at home perfecting eyebrow application and curling iron techniques.

    Good gawd, brown shoe polish is never passable for faux eyebrows and ffs the single curl bangs should be illegal.

  9. Didn’t she used to be a pole dancer?

    Somebody I know thinks he recognizes her.
    Course, if we had a picture of her – bent over – from behind – he’d be more sure.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. If you are enjoying watching that wicked shit hillary clinton waltz around shilling for the Chi-Comms and ripping off us taxpayers paying pscyhos like this woman, blame ONE PERSON:
    AG Barr.

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