She really literally doesn’t deal in facts

Patriot Retort-

Did you know that Rachel Maddow is being sued by One America News?  Apparently this summer Maddow claimed OAN is “really literally paid Russian propaganda.”

Naturally OAN is now really literally suing Maddow for defamation.

And the Maddow defense is really literally laughable.

17 Comments on She really literally doesn’t deal in facts

  1. She literally “married” a fat, old, ugly homeless woman whom she had hired to do yardwork for her and fell in “love” with.

  2. We are told how intelligent she is
    So, what explains this
    Unless she is a liar
    Unless she’s on drugs
    Just sayin’

  3. Rachel baby has never been anything but a
    smellocratic party smear pig.

    Is she going to pay the price for it ?

    Maybe, but remember

    It is impossible to subscribe to cable TV
    without receiving CNN in the package
    Although CNN has the lowest viewership
    ratings in all of television.

  4. Why doesn’t that dude just give it up and retire? He could golf or fish the rest of his life, and no one would CARE? 😳

  5. If it lies to itself about its sexual perversions, doesn’t it follow that it’d lie about everything else, as well?

    The thing is a walking, talking lie – an embodiment of a lie.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. CNN: The Clownfart News Network (where all the “news” smells funny)
    We don’t complicate your life with silly things like Facts!

  7. Wow. PatriotRetort blocks VPN IP’s? I guess anonymous browsing is too much freedom for them. Good riddance.

  8. She exceeded her debit limit with the non-stop fluffing about having Trump’s tax returns. Many lefty fans were royally pissed at that deception. In the world of demographics, that was a yuge mistake.


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