She scratched her car when she hit her the first time

How dare this elderly woman in Russia scratch this maniac’s car!?!? Never mind that it was scratched because the young girl hit her with said car.

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  1. Must be one of those self driving cars. There are still a few software glitches in the forward motion section. Stiff Upper lip and all that!

  2. Hey relax, the police say they are considering charges. What the hell is all the bellyaching about?

    WTF is she banging down at City Hall?

  3. Every time I click on your post I get sent to a clothing website that I can’t get out of unless I clear my cache. What’s going on?

  4. The US used to love personal responsibility, freedom, morality, peace, and balanced budgets.

    Americans are now embracing welfare, tyranny, immorality, war, and debt.

    Some Americans are not adjusting well to the changes and the hypocrisy.

    You just need to go outside to see the insanity. Have you noticed the panhandlers, the illegal immigrants, the cashier high on drugs, a black man using his fingers while pretending to shoot you, the homosexual in the gym shower leering at you, the white man spitting, the fat girl wearing pajamas at the supermarket, and the old lady driving slow on purpose in the parking lot talking to herself?

    People living in the US would think this was normal, but Americans don’t realize how far the USA has fallen until they travel abroad.

    Being a fat, tattooed single mother in Vietnam would be shameful.

    How can Americans sleep at night while the US collapses or look in the mirror now without feeling disgusted?

  5. Hey, Political News Message Board! Are you Mr. Vindman?

    I would say that Europeans and Russians and Chinks and South Americans and Central Americans and Africans and for damn sure Southwest Asians are the nyekulturny, not Americans.


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