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She Seems Stressed Out

The Biden Administration’s Border Crisis: An Explainer.

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  1. And from realizing that facts contradict your truths, after holding “truths over facts,” which causes stress over an important passage of time during which you stressfully shit a brick and hope no one notices.

  2. The border is secure, because we secured the border by securing the border with security.
    So the border is secured by the security that we secured for the security of the border.

  3. She’s just saying what she feels… Nkay?
    It’s a feeling everyone feels, and she feels there’s a lot of feelings about the situation. Nkay?
    So. That’s all she’s gonna say about it for right now.

  4. It’s an invasion FFS – an invasion approved and facilitated by the Bitme-Whorris administration policies, and made possible by the legacy media democrat propaganda mouthpiece.

    Of course she’s stressed out, the lie has been exposed by Abbott and Desantis and the media can’t cover it up.

  5. If we’re going to judge Vice Presidential candidates by how well they suck things, can’t we do better that this pig?

  6. Kumallah: I like the border because we have a border that borders the US on one side and borders Mexico on their side. If we didn’t have a border there we would need to put a border right there, right between the US border and the Mexico border.


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