She Sent an Innocent Man to Jail For Rape- Not On Purpose

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  1. Our legal system is really in a shambles. There’s mistakes {like this one} dishonesty and corruption. Unless you are well funded you’re in for a rough time if you expect justice. I’ve personally seen it happen to people.
    Many times they do get it right but it sure needs improvement.
    Thank god for DNA testing.

  2. I can see how she made the mistake. It can be dismissed as racist but those two do look very close. With blacks it is harder to identify distinctions between many of them. Hair color and texture, eye color facial features all ad to the difficulty of getting it right.
    Because of the problem with identification there should be more concentration on other aspects of a thoughtful investigation, for example where the suspect claims he was at the time of the act.
    I think law enforcement gets lazy when they think they have a slam dunk and it costs some poor bastard years in jail.

  3. You must always remember that if you are suspected of a crime the policeman is not your friend and the justice system was not built to prove your innocence but rather guilt. People think innocence will be proven doesn’t work that way.

  4. A rabbit boiler open season now. Washington State lawmaker just accused of mutually drunk “rape” in hotel room. Seems vic asked for a kiss afterward, but was denied. That flipped her wig. Article admits she is psychotic, inspired by Dr. Valley Ford’s brave testimony. FoxNews.


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