She should have used the money to clean that dirty couch

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  1. Wouldn’t do it for gold bars, sure as shit not going to do it for toilet paper.

    Whole lotta pussy and ass licking on that couch for sure.

  2. I’d give her my vote… for the ugliest human on the face of the planet. (not sure about the human part though.)

  3. Can smell that couch through the screen….smells like a wet hobo rolled in burnt hair and grease trap drippings.

  4. There was a frat house that I used to go drink at that had a couch exactly like that in their basement.

    That was in 1992.

    I wonder if it is the same one.

  5. Michael Keaton and The Crypt Keeper should sue for infringement of copyright.

  6. Every time I see her pic, only her bald head and racoon eyes stand out. She’s weird looking! Member of lizard alien species?

  7. She always reminds me of a Fairy Tale turned nightmare.

    The one about a frog, but the princess is the one in SHREK.

    THAT horrid mayor is the result of their ‘kiss’

  8. Oh thank Goodness. At first I thought it said clean that dirty crotch: a picture I will never get out of my head.

  9. You people make me sick, but the video is extra & XXX rated. To get your copy, send $29.95 to: Ms Lightfoot & Friends, Chicago, IL

  10. So – she’s using their money to bribe them into getting poisoned?
    Let me guess – the dummies are lining up fo da “free” money?
    The simple fact that they haven’t hanged her is proof that they deserve everything they get.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Sure, sure….get the vaxx, get the stacks, then get taxxed.

  12. In Africa they drill a hole in an empty coconut and put something in it they like to eat that just fits through the hole. Then when they reach in to grab it they can’t get their fist out and can easily be caught.

  13. Vax, hell, you’d need to pay me to enter that office.
    Is that an Afro-Sheen sheen on that couch cushion on the right?
    Or something worse?

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