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She Was Only Horsing Around

An Australian horse heiress is saddled with charges after being accused of having sex with a 14 year old boy.

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  1. I read another article on this earlier today. In the comments someone wrote: “In related news, the 14 year old has died from injuries related to being high-fived to death by all his friends”.

  2. 4 times in a day… at 14…

    Well, you know, that’s… mmmnnn… by the 14th day you’d be like, “I need a break for about 2 hours”.

  3. Who the hell told? If I had a woman like that at 14 I would have been tapping that every chance I got.

  4. I have never understood how women think they’ll get away with “dating” these underaged boys knowing how guys love to talk and brag at that age.

  5. In a related news item, she admitted she soon got bored with the 14 year old boy and began an affair with an energetic three-year-old colt.

  6. Another rich pervert. These degenerate scum sure do love fucking kids, literally and figuratively.

  7. Some of these comments are vile. Why the double standard between boys and girls getting molested? It’s still abuse and emotionally damaging..

  8. @R. Wakeman: It’s always been a double standard. Men found a way into women’s locker rooms and onto their teams, and males think it’s okay. Woman were all in for it – until they started losing. People worship sex just like any other enjoyable practice, it’s what brought Sodom and Gomorrah down.

  9. And the boy said, fuck her & the horse she rode in on. Otherwise this is just about every 14 yr old boy’s wet dream, some are just dreamers & some are …. Maybe just maybe she should of hired an eighteen yr old stable boy.

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