Sheila Jackson Lee To Leave Leadership Posts Amid Claims She Retaliated Against Rape Victim

DC: Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is reportedly resigning as chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and as chair of a congressional subcommittee amid allegations she retaliated against a former staffer who claimed she was raped by a foundation supervisor.

Both BuzzFeed and The New York Times report Jackson Lee will leave as chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, a non-profit group closely aligned with the Congressional Black Caucus.

She will also leave her position temporarily as chair of a House Judiciary subcommittee.

The Democrat came under pressure last week to resign her posts after she was accused in a Jan. 11 lawsuit of retaliating against a former staffer who claimed she was sexually assaulted by Damien Jones, a former intern supervisor at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. MORE

25 Comments on Sheila Jackson Lee To Leave Leadership Posts Amid Claims She Retaliated Against Rape Victim

  1. I’m sorry but in the age of #MeToo, you have to resign your Congressional seat for retaliating against a rape victim who worked for you.

    Less committee work is not a punishment for Sheila “Imma Queen banned by two airlines” Jackson Lee.

    When she goes to a resort, the lazy river becomes a flood plain.

  2. What does “temporarily leave” the chair of a sub-committee mean? Until the lawsuits over?. The next election? What happens if she loses the lawsuit, does that mean she resigns her seat or will Congress vote her out?

  3. So she’s getting paid the same for doing less work. That’s not punishment. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. surely the ethics committee will want to look at this as well.
    but they will send it to the ethnics committee instead.

    who has benefited from the House ‘slush fund’ to pay off for sexual offenses? Not the ones who got the payouts, but the ones who the payouts were for. We, very obviously, have sexual offenders serving in congress and they are being protected.
    And ‘temporary’ is probably until Monday or something, the way these folks work. She is still on the committee, just as feinstein sits on judicial in the senate.

  5. Ahh! Surprised me!
    This time when they said “round up
    the usual suspects” they didn’t grab
    some clueless white male conservative.

  6. Lee reminds me of the affirmative action bonus-baby Human Resources female who worked at the chemical plant where I used to work. As a supervisor, I caught one of the African-American employees who had sneaked into my office and added twenty-four hours of overtime to his timesheet as I made shift change. I had already verified the timesheet and had just put my signature on all of them. It wasn’t the first time he had done this so I was keeping a close eye on things when he was working. I had a meeting with the plant manager and this HR skank to report what had happened. When I told them I had caught an employee altering his timesheets they were livid and thanked me for having the courage to come forward to do the right thing. They asked me who it was and when I said his name, the plant manager got up and walked out the door without saying a word and closed the door behind him. The black HR female started screaming at me and told me I had some nerve to dare and accuse that fine man of such a horrible thing. After several minutes of tearing my ass up, I stopped her and produced an envelope with all the proof needed to show what he had done. As I began to open the envelope she slammed her hand down on it and told me that if I opened that envelope, it would be the last thing I ever did as an employee of that company. I understood that I was alone seeing the plant manager had left the way he did. I didn’t understand what was going on but I knew it wasn’t good. I later learned from a black coworker I trusted that she was screwing the sorry POS. Two weeks later, the very idiot I had caught made a false claim that I said something inappropriate and the HR bitch had me removed from my supervisor position. After much thought, I decided that if I ever lost my job over this incident, I was going to beat that bitch half to death. She left the plant eventually and I worked there until retirement. The white plant manager was obviously scared to death of her. He never even asked me what happened after he left so I knew he was on board with what had taken place. That’s the hostile work environment Rex Tillerson was directly responsible for and why I was so happy to see President Trump shit-can his sorry ass.

  7. What happens if she loses the lawsuit, does that mean she resigns her seat or will Congress vote her out?

    scr_north, you fonny gai…

  8. Can’t push her too far away from the trough.
    Other hogs would nose in.

    Cut down (a little) on the slop to assuage the vultures till some other bullshit heats up the “narrative.”
    She won’t miss a meal, believe me.

    izlamo delenda est …


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