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Sheldon Whitehouse is a shifty creep

Patriot Retort: This past week while we waited for the show trial disguised as a Senate Hearing to commence, Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse passed along yet another ridiculous accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

But of course Sheldon Whitehouse didn’t just refer the shady accusation to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He also referred this accuser to a friendly media contact.

Because it’s all about getting to the truth, right?

Boy, that Sheldon Whitehouse is a real stand-up guy, isn’t he?

Well, naturally, with the press knowing about this accusation, they tracked down the accuser who promptly recanted.

You’d think Sheldon Whitehouse or his staff would have done some basic checking first.

After all, the accuser was quickly discovered to be a flat-out kook.

From Breitbart:

Journalists, however, were quickly able to find the social media account referenced along with the allegation. The account identified itself as “Jeffrey Catalan” and had been used to make calls for President Donald Trump to be overthrown by a military coup and accusations the president had murdered someone in 1983.

Seems to me Whitehouse or his staff could have discovered that easily had they just taken the time to look.

But why would they look?

If it smears a Trump nominee, nothing’s off the table, right?

Well, Senator Chuck Grassley has referred the phony accuser to the FBI for making false statements to the Committee.  MORE HERE

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  1. Some good people in Rhode Island. Sheldon ain’t one of them. iT s one of the most corupt states in our nation.

  2. When your planning to urinate on a Supreme Court nominee you just need to ask a democrat the best way to do it with zero class. Sheldon Whitehouse has trained with Schumer.

  3. I interrupt this program to send you a message:
    I just listened to Senator Lindsey Graham SC. His tirade on the left was spot on. “I won’t shut up.” on Kavanaugh.
    Man of the Year: Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina.
    Scumbag of the Year. Sen. Dick Durbin, from whereever.
    Now back to normal (?) programming.
    Oh Whitehouse is a scumbag and his DWI son is a pussy.

  4. The Bush/Obama UNIPARTY wants to hurt Don. Some of the UNIPARTY are D like this here; some are R like Lisa, Jeff and Speaker Ryan naming just a fe of the left wing of the GOP.

  5. Didn’t RI get it’s start by being the new world’s largest open-air slave market?Demos keeping the plantation alive to this very day.


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