Shep Smith In Talks With MSNBC


Former Fox News Channel anchor Shep Smith, known for his critical coverage of the Trump administration, has spoken with MSNBC brass about a possible job at the leftwing news network as it considerings [SIC]a shakeup, according to a report…

…Speaking to the Daily Beast, one source said, “It’s unclear what slot he would take, but we’d want him in primetime.” More

20 Comments on Shep Smith In Talks With MSNBC

  1. Sheptard will fit right in there. They’ll let him wear a dress and switch from lip gloss to lipstick. He’ll look so hot that Maddow will pop a boner.

  2. Lots more pillows at MSNBC for Theppard to bite. Mike Lindell’s probably were a little too firm for him…

  3. Shepherd Smith traded to MSNBC for 1 metal filing cabinet, used coffee maker, and one other piece of office equipment to be decided later.


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