Sheriff Clarke Might Get Big Homeland Security Appointment

Rumor has been swirling for days now that Milwaukee county sheriff, David Clarke is being carefully considered for the position of Assistant Secretary at the DHS Office of Partnership and Engagement.


The expected appointment comes during an investigation of an inmate’s death due to dehydration in Sheriff Clarke’s jail. The details of the death are just now coming out.


8 Comments on Sheriff Clarke Might Get Big Homeland Security Appointment

  1. At the risk of sounding disrespectful, how does ever have time to do his job as sheriff? Seems like he’s on TV all the time. I really don’t want him at DHS if TV time cuts into doing his job.

  2. Lieutenant, Kashka Meadors, first one guilty, punishes a man by withholding water. She is a monster. Did he refuse food for 7 days? Did he not urinate for 7 days? The mental health medic never saw him.

    I do not believe a man can spend 7 days on the floor of his cell, not eat, not drink, and not attract attention. Staff did not perform minimal documentation. They just let him die.

    Lock them up.

  3. This Terrill Thomas case may just cost Clarke his job in the Trump Administration. There are calls for the sheriff to resign now.

  4. Too many stars on his uniform. Makes him look like a tin horn dictator of some socialist hellhole. Oh what did you say? He’s from Milwaukee? So he IS from a socialist hellhole after all. But why does he want to look like Uncle Kim of Norko with all the gleaming medals? I’m not impressed.

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