Sheriff Opposing Governor’s Felony Trap for Gun Owners – IOTW Report

Sheriff Opposing Governor’s Felony Trap for Gun Owners

…And, Smith & Wesson CEO doesn’t back down to Dems trying to use the company as an election campaign prop. After NY lost at the Supreme Court on its “may carry” gun control, Hochul & Democrats created a trap for licensed carriers. A local sheriff and assemblyman in one county are sounding the alarm. WATCH

5 Comments on Sheriff Opposing Governor’s Felony Trap for Gun Owners

  1. Not much different from the ILLEGAL DRUG-DEALING HUCKSTER HOCHUL exploiting others for the purposes of self-gain.

  2. Knight is wrong that Trump deemed large corporations essential during China virus. The Governors are the ones who shut down businesses.
    He is correct that concealed carry is a God given right.

    Nice to see some law enforcement standing up to tyranny.

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  4. “May carry” ??

    I think the terminology is May issue and Shall issue.

    May issue is the cops running you through the wringer to do all they can to keep you from carrying. It’s up to their discretion to “allow” you a permit. Only the in crowd carries in those states.

    Shall issue is limited to seeing if you’re a criminal or a tax scofflaw. At least in Texas it’s that way along with constitutional carry now. Reciprocity for carrying in other states with your Texas permit is why you would go through the process for a carry permit here now.

    Of course, Constitutional Carry states recognize the citizen has a right to defend himself/herself – period.

    His oath was to the constitution, not gun grabbers.


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