She’s comedy gold! Why aren’t comedians joking about Cortez?

DC: If President Donald Trump is comedy gold for political satirists, Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at least silver or bronze.

The brash Democrat plays fast and loose with the truth, has a skin as thin as a certain commander-in-chief and crowed that she’s “the boss” mere weeks into the job. And let’s not forget about the cow fart ban in her initial Green New Deal draft.

This week alone, she accused the CEO of Wells Fargo of imprisoning Mexican children.

So where’s the ribbing—good-natured or otherwise?

Late night hosts, who feast on political gaffes, mostly ignore her. “Saturday Night Live” featured her in small roles in two recent skits. The first proved brief and kind, while the second cast her, via cast member Melissa Villaseñor, as part of a progressive “Charlie’s Angels” group.

Comedian Dave Landau, co-host of “The Anthony Cumia Show” on Compound Media, noticed the lack of Ocasio-Cortez jokes, too.

“[Comedians] have held their fire completely,” says Landau, a left-leaning stand-up whose routine serves up apolitical gags. “There’s been very little joking, even gentle teasing, towards her.”

It’s not for lack of comedic options, though.

“There’s a lot people could joke about her that’s not even political, from crazy ex-girlfriend eyes to the fact that she has the millennial symptom of saying ‘like’ every four words,” Landau says.

Satirists typically pounce when someone hits the cultural radar as hard as Ocasio-Cortez has. Landau suggests other factors are keeping comics from letting loose.

“I think the #MeToo and feminism movements, mixed with the PC culture, has caused comics to be afraid. They only want to bash Trump because it’s not going to get much backlash from the vocal majority,” he says. “It’s very safe.”  more 

14 Comments on She’s comedy gold! Why aren’t comedians joking about Cortez?

  1. She is going to become too big a liability and Pelosi is going to send the message it is game on to take her out. That is the problem for AOC, the media/dem establishment is making her, they can always take her out.

  2. It would be an act of blasphemy to “go after her”.

    Pelosi can’t put that genie back into the bottle. When AOC came out with ‘don’t bother me with the facts I am clothed in righteousness and justice is my sword’ and everyone on the left let that stand there is no turning back. They have created this monster now they need to start praying to her lest she smite the unbelievers. You still think the party will drop the hammer on AOC? How many running for POTUS have called her a nut? This is the new future of the party.

  3. They are on the same team. Remember those few who made jokes about, or questioned, Hillary and BHO? The left wingers don’t want to face the wrath of the mob, so they leave her alone until they are directed to do so. The mob doesn’t have a sense of humor. The mob are miserable, unhappy people.

  4. Same reason why they didn’t joke about Obummer. They would be labeled racist, sexist, etc. ad nauseum.

  5. Within the last decade 09-’19, she represents shining examples such as the tipping of Guam, North Vietnam, and well, just pick something having to do with weather. She should do a speech with Al Green.

  6. She has been blessed and anointed by the left so its hands off from ANY criticism or comedy. Don’t mess with the left.

  7. because, my momma told me. And i quote.
    …as she smiled at me and said,
    ‘Son, it’s not nice to make fun of the less fortunate.’

  8. As Ben Stein said, “she dosen’t know her ass from her elbow.”

    And David Frost describing another idiot years ago. “what she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in stupidity.”


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