She’s Helping Boost Trump For 2020



The AOC Election? 

Pinkerton: The AOC-ization of the Democrats Boosts Trump in 2020.

Who would win an election between Donald Trump and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?  We’ll never know, of course, because the two can’t appear on the same ballot; AOC, as she is by now known, won’t be old enough to run for president until 2024.

Nevertheless, in a way, AOC will be on the ballot in 2020—because her ideas are all over the place, including, “70 percent top income tax rate,” “Green New Deal,” and “Medicare for All,” to name just three.

Interestingly, with her social-media sixth sense, AOC knows that she will be a key part of the 2020 national election. 

As she tweeted on February 9,

It’s pretty wild that the GOP can’t decide whether they’re going to run with the conspiracy theory that I’m secretly rich, or the exaggeration & mockery of my family’s struggle after my dad died during the financial crisis.  Instead, they decide to defy logic and run with both.

Of course, it can be argued that the Democrats’ 2020 nominee, whoever he or she might be, will be the one determining the party’s issues agenda.  However, in reality, it doesn’t work that way.  In the run-up to the Democratic national convention next year, activists and ideologues will be shaping the issues “race track” on which the Democrats will be running.

And by all accounts, that track is being shaped to the left.  The Democratic hopefuls will be asked, every day, where they stand on lefty issues, even as they seek to jump through various progressive hoops.

In fact, many Democratic wannabes are already joining the leftward lurch; at least four White House aspirants—Sens. Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren—have endorsed the Green New Deal, even if nobody really knows what it is.  Of course, in fairness to the unknowing, the Green New Deal keeps changing, as AOC staffers rework it in the face of withering criticism from the right.

Yet still, enough of the Green New Deal’s hard-leftism is visible, and, as a result, moderate and even liberal pundits are horrified by what they see.  For instance, the headline atop Noah Smith’s column for Bloomberg News reads, “The Green New Deal Would Spend the U.S. Into Oblivion.”   MORE

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  1. “In the meantime, whenever we hear the Democrats talking about a Green New Deal, or M4A, or BDS, that’s an indicator that the party is dooming itself to that familiar cycle of defeat in 2020.”


  2. What’s even worse for the Dem presidential hopefuls is that they didn’t know what was in the ‘Green New Deal’ when they jumped in with both feet. I would hope that voters at least want a thinking person to lead them, rather than one who simply adopts the latest fad.

  3. is she married? i thot being single was a negative in politics. can you imagine being in a relationship with that? i had a girlfriend who was just slightly to the left and got to where I couldn’t stand her. even the sex stunk.

  4. it is the blind leading the bland
    they’ll sign anything as long as it is ‘progressive’ and opposes President Trump

  5. I believe that the endorsement of the Green New Deal by all the front losers in the Socialist-Demographic Party is a direct result of a very serious, and probably incurable, case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. These idiots are so incapable of comprehending the appeal of Donald J. Trump, that they actually think that the only way to get elected is by adopting programs and issues that would not have been acceptable during the 2008 primaries. This could make it impossible for any relatively moderate candidates to gain traction during the primaries. Thank you, AOC! Your leftist lunacy may prove to be a momentous turning point in halting the decline of this Republic.

  6. Green New Deal,
    Russian Collusion.
    Global Warming,
    Election chad shaving,
    Did not have sex,
    New World Order,
    bring down that wall,
    Viet Nam
    Just in a reverse order of political BS,,,
    Please add on,,
    List does not even touch before North Korea,

  7. The Commie Gidget is merely a mouthpiece. She’s a wind-up doll, who spews what she’s told. The sinister people pulling her are the ones to watch.

    Now we REALLY know how sinister the plot of electing ‘barack hussein obama’ really was.

    We’re really at the tipping point.

  8. There are some dynamics in the 2020 election that need to be taken into consideration. First, the parties are spending all of that time, effort and money to convince about 5% of the actual voters to vote for their candidate. Most Democrats and Republicans will vote for their party almost regardless of the candidate, although if the candidate is terrible (like Hillary), they may stay at home.

    Unlike Humphrey and McGovern, the current crop of announced Democrats is playing to the greed and avarice of their voter base. It is impossible to underestimate the collective intelligence of the electorate, so promising “free” healthcare and wealth redistribution is attractive; these voters don’t understand or even care that these policies drove Venezuela into shit hole status. The Democrats are going to give them things; the Republicans want to be more responsible.

    Finally, the Democrats are not shy about playing the race or gender card. Again, they cannot underestimate their voting base, and they believe, with substantial justification, that a significant number of voters will vote based solely on physical characteristics.

    Fortunately, Trump recognizes these dynamics, which is why he won in 2016 as perhaps the biggest dark horse people have seen. This bodes well for 2020, although Trump will again be bucking his own party.

  9. Dynamics in the 2020 election,
    Trump knew them going into 2016, hence the win.
    Bucking a party?
    Nope, he had then and now, the fed-up with 2-party childish pissing match that is on their last legs of fixed elections.
    ‘Trump recognizes these dynamics’,,,
    Agrees completely, knew it going in than and will insure it again.
    So what party is bucking who?
    Great thing about representation is when parties buck each other, when the truth instead of self-greed gets out.


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