She’s just trying to get some ranch, Kirsten

Patriot Retort:

Starting the 2020 race this early seems like a tremendously bad idea.


Is it just me or does anybody else think the Democrats are starting the 2020 race way too early?

In 2016, Jeb Bush – the supposed shoe-in for the GOP nomination – didn’t officially announce his candidacy until mid-June 2015.

The earliest official announcement I remember from 2016 was Ted Cruz who declared his candidacy at Liberty University on March 23, 2015.

But this year?

Kamala Harris officially announced in January for crap’s sake — more than a year away from the Iowa Caucus.

Quickly on her heels, Spartacus made his campaigns official.

Then Pocahontas and Amy somebody-or-other jumped in last week.

And Bernie Sanders announced today — more than two months earlier than he did in 2016.

Oh, and let’s not forget Kirsten Gillibrand who has yet to officially announce but is already campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire.

We’re still almost a year away from the Iowa Caucus and these guys are out there haunting these early primary states as if it’s July.

Don’t these people have jobs?!

Okay, not really.  After all, every single one of these yutzes are members of the United States Senate.

But still.  You’d think they’d be a little busy to start the 2020 race a freaking year before the primaries begin.

I feel kind of bad for you folks in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina.  You guys are going to be campaigned out before summer even gets here.

By August, folks in Iowa will be so tired of these idiots, they’ll probably avoid the State Fair on the outside chance they’ll run into one of them.

I mean, if this woman who just wants her ranch dressing feels this way now, imagine how she’ll feel by the time the Iowa Caucus rolls around a year from now.

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  1. The game plan is:

    1. Announce as early as you can get away with.
    2. Raise millions – it’s easier now that there is the internet and lots of gullible fools who will believe your lies.
    3. Poll 1% to 4% in the polls. If you poll higher, you may have to eventually submit to a debate which just wastes everyone’s time.
    4. Concede to someone who looks like a front runner.
    5. Use excess campaign cash for a beach house, a new car, and maybe something for the little woman.

  2. I blame the 24 hour news cycle. We are well into the continuous political campaign calendar at this point. They’ll demand your attention all the time.

    Because 10,000 people refuse to stand in front of their house and shout “NO”.

  3. Dems are running early and often to control the news cycle with their talking points instead of Trumps.

    This way they can’t be accused of bias. It’s just every single candidate they incessantly cover that talks trash about Trump, not them.

  4. By the time shit starts go get real George Sore Ass is gonna be going broke supporting all these asswipes!

  5. @ Wyatt –

    6. Write a ghost written book, go on a PAID college tour to lecture to the sheep and then on the View to chat with the wolves.


  6. every time I see the demorat candidates I envision a gaggle of clowns exiting the clown car, riding their tricycles around the circus ring honking their bicycle horns, to the laughter of the crowd

  7. Everybody wants to get a good seat in the Klown Kar!
    And all the slap-heads push to get onto the Short Bus!

    “Fool rush in where Angels fear to tread?”

    Burr’s probably right.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. The reason so many Dems are entering the race this early (either officially or by “I am seriously considering”) is because there are so many it will take two years just to print the primary ballots.

  9. Many good comments above.

    I hope the Dem field is loaded to the hilt and I hope Michelle O jumps in: it will be a Grindhouse Horror Show during the Primaries. Once the Dem candidate is chosen, I am predicting that they will refuse to debate President Trump.

  10. Well, there’s a very real threat appearing for 2020. The Socialist Party is combining with school districts to reprogram your kids to vote for the most Socialist Candidate. Ironically this story surfaced the same day Bernie announced he was running. They don’t quit, they don’t play fair, and the won’t stop. Until we stop them. Again, buy more ammo.

  11. I’ve said it before and I will say it again; After experiencing nearly 2 years of taxation without representation in MA when Kerry ran for President in 2004, they should change the rules so that if you are already in political office and want to run for a higher office, you must resign your position before you start campaigning.
    You’re a US Senator and want to be President? Quit your day job and let someone else who is willing to actually do what you are getting paid for be appointed/elected and you can spend all the time you want running for POTUS.
    How many candidates do you think would be throwing their hat in the ring two years before the election were THAT the rule?


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