She’s not dumb! That’s a conspiracy theory!

Patriot Retort: Just hours before the incredibly dumb Congresswoman from the State of Twitter bashed people for praying, her personal Rasputin went on Twitter to defend her brilliance.

The right-wing actually cannot believe that a working class latina like @AOC is smart, talented, and capable. They are creating entire conspiracy theories to try to disprove her intelligence. So here’s some @AOC facts to show y’all just how good she is.

Oh, honey, no.

We don’t need a conspiracy theory to prove how dumb she is.  MORE

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  1. …as far as her attacking people for praying and “not being able to keep the pews safe” we carry in MY church, and while we praise the Lord, we are fully prepared to pass the ammunition, too…

  2. …Cortez herself isn’t worth commenting on. She’s just a post turtle in the Obama mold, there to draw millenials and Hispanics by being Millenial and Hispanic, and read someone else’s words where actual policy is concerned…

  3. “She doesn’t know her ass from her elbow.” Ben Stein.
    “What she lacks in intelligence she makes up for in stupidity.”
    David Frost, describing some other idiot, years ago.
    We haven’t learned how to deal with these types. The Founding Fathers had more balls. Wish they were around today.

  4. She could resurrect her career by releasing naked pictures….it’s got me to where I am in life…Just sayin….smile….

  5. Oh no. You are wrong. This woman can bend spoons with her mind. She’s, um, ya know, like, um, ya know, like super intellectual, ya know, cuz, like, ya know.

  6. She’s smart enough to know there’s people dumb enough to think she smart! Thats something I guess.

  7. Well she got the drunken democrat vote in the Bronx, thats an accomplishment of some sort eh? Kind of like getting the vast numbers of jungle bunnies/I mean peace loving savages/I mean wonderful, exotic POC from Somalia to vote for Omar multiple times.

  8. She’s not only dumb.

    She’s guilty of being dumb-dumb.

    And, she’s ugly-ugly.

    Did I mention vapid, also? Oh, I did’t…

    Vapid-vapid… and insipid-insipid…

  9. A reoccurring theme in history: Good people can’t comprehend just how bad people can be. There are many people amongst us that hate and want to destroy. We laugh at them and think they are ridiculous. They hide behind socialism.

  10. Jimmy Cut it out. She’s not ugly. She’s mountable. But a decent guy would have to duck tape her mouth. The voice? Shit, like nails on a chalk board. I remember a whore in Barcelona once, who, well fugetaboutit.

  11. Oh, Moe tom. Mountable? Okay, I’m on. But the equipment is OOC on that little kindergardener bitch-ass. The nitric oxide took a hike. Plus, I tried sucking on what I though was a nipple and her forehead caved in.

  12. ‘I tried sucking on what I though was a nipple and her forehead caved in.’
    Keep working on it!
    Till you find the source,,,

  13. @Moe tom March 15, 2019 at 9:15 pm

    > Begs the question: what do we do when people elect pure fucking idiots?

    What do we do when the people electing are pure fucking idiots?


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