She’s Ticking…



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  1. she’s ticking alright …. & fleaing …. & worming …. & licing … & measling … & communicable diseasing … & ….

  2. …. & fleaing …. & worming …. & licing … & measling …
    Each other,,,,
    Na Nah Na Nah Na Na Na Na Nah Na,,Na Nah Na Na Nah Na Nah,,
    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, brought that old song to mind,
    Great tune, h/t
    Old Journey fan.

  3. She needs to be removed from office…tomorrow. She hates America yet gained asylum….doesn’t scan, except that she is really a Manchurian Somalian plant representing the cancer that is the Democrat party – especially her lunatic pals like Booker, Tahlib, OAC, etc…who are all seriously mental. Must be something in the air over Washington.

  4. Yes, lets welcome those people with open arms and warm hugs. We understand you, you’re just oppressed. Let us help.



  5. She’s responsible for the terrible things she says and does.

    It’s the people who voted her into office I hold responsible for her being there. They must be an extra special low level of stupid, guilty of vote fraud corruption or both. Good grief. Why would any community in America vote that into office?

  6. Because of political correctness everyone is terrified of telling the truth if the person is one of the chosen minorities even the democrats. Someone needs to slap that snotty bitch to the ground.

  7. @Blink- There is zero wondering how this happened….Obama planted 10,000 Somali refugees in “her” Minnesota precinct, effectively seeding the voting booth to pave the way for this piece human debris rabble to gain office. It was a calculated move.

  8. She was welcomed in by the same liberal President (’92) that put the “Wise Latina” on the Federal Bench.

    Hint: He, his wife, both sons and both in laws said “Vote Clinton: Oct ’16!

    If the only liberals America had to worry bout America would be a peaceful. prosperous nation. Unfortunately the GOP has been run by the left for 30 years! naming names: Rove, Bush, Ryan ….

  9. She sits in our House of Representatives!
    And you thought Bella Azbug was a Piece of Shit!
    Crimanently, we’ve left the bowl and we’re flushing down the pipe!

    izlamo delenda est …


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