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‘Shoot me!’ Gutsy woman stands up to armed punk who demands her keys


A Washington, D.C., woman was caught on surveillance video standing up to an armed would-be robber who demanded her keys last Tuesday, flatly telling him “No!” and daring him to pull the trigger.

“Shoot me!” she commanded the masked gunman.

He eventually left the scene without firing a shot, and Iris Bond Gill told WTTG-TV all about her harrowing ordeal.

Bond Gill parked her vehicle just after 3:20 p.m. Aug. 23 and was standing on 10th Street NE looking through her purse when the hooded suspect approached her.

Clearly startled, Bond Gill screamed at the sight of the armed male, throwing her dark bag and dropping her red purse on the street before putting her hands up.

But an instant later, Bond Gill got downright confrontational, hollering “What the f***!” and walking toward the gunman. more

6 Comments on ‘Shoot me!’ Gutsy woman stands up to armed punk who demands her keys

  1. She’s mighty lucky to be here talking about this. The odds were not in her favor.

    And, after all that, she still jabbers on about blacks being “displaced”, blah, blah, blah. Not a word about the perp undoubtedly being fatherless.

  2. And she’s a teacher, or at least works in the “education field” :/

  3. She should carry a 9mm, pull it out of her purse and plug the little bastard.
    Then go out and celebrate her freedom.

  4. A DC liberal woman even when confronted with the fact she should be armed, still leans heavily on the leftard narrative – guns aren’t necessary for self defense.

    There wasn’t a police officer anywhere near. An officer would not have made it in time to stop that perp if he had called her bluff.
    God in his mercy spared this woman.

    BTW, on another point, I understand when you get to certain age, you’ve gone through so much crap in life, you stop putting up with extreme “extra” events coming at you. I think that’s this woman’s attitude. She had enough and the fight, instead of flight response to a threat took over. Been there, done that. In that way, I’m sympathetic.


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