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Moronic Ebola Infected Family Refuses To Stay Quarantined

  • FAMILY OF DALLAS EBOLA patient is legally quarantined after not complying with requests to stay indoors, as new details emerge of early confusion over which state agency was tasked with disposing contaminated items from the apartment.

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  1. Does no one remember the movie E.T.?

    All I want is the medical precautions we took for space aliens in the 1980s.

    Except now, E.T. stands for Ebola Transmitter.

  2. Send them to do personal interviews with Scott Pelley, Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, etc., etc.

    They are all “don’t worry about it, you can’t catch it” as they are shuttled by personal driver from their million dollar homes to their armed guard protected studios.

    Tell them their coffee was prepared by someone who has Ebola but isn’t exhibiting symptoms yet. So, down the hatch you assholes.

  3. Where’s Michael Moore in all of this? Shouldn’t he be running around getting everyone to Canada or Cuba? Remember our health care stinks. You can bet patient zero won’t get a bill for all his care at the hospital, we’ll pay for that too.

    And one more thing… When is it time for panic? All these Government Spokesholes are REQUIRED to say “don’t panic.” They’ll never say, “Hey, it’s time to start panicking.” I say we start panicking.

  4. Why are we allowing rat-people into our blessed country in the first place?

    Well, used to be blessed; before we turned our backs on God and embraced socialism, hedonism, perversion, hatred, moslems, theft, corruption, imbecility, depravity, mendacity, …

  5. Have they done even one single thing RIGHT regarding the management of this potential disaster?

    Even one single thing?
    Because if they have, I must have missed it.

    What a SCOAMF!

  6. I’m not going to blame them here. They are stuck in an Ebola infested apartment that still hasn’t been cleaned, if they didn’t have it before I’m sure they do now. Why hasn’t the CDC or Texas Dept of health cleaned it up (and not with a power washer)?

  7. he was thrown out of the hospital the 1st time he went complaning of feeing ill , when he went back days later he had full blown ebola !,

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