Shootings Reported at The Capital Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland

The ATF in Baltimore is responding to a shooting incident at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland.

There are multiple reports of people injured, including at least six people. However, reports are still early.

The Baltimore Sun owns the Capital Gazette newspaper.

Heavy is reporting-

– An Intern Tweeted ‘Active Shooter … Please Help Us’

– A Shotgun Was Reportedly Used & the Suspect Is in Custody



49 Comments on Shootings Reported at The Capital Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland

  1. Looking into my crystal ball, the shooter is a white male from a broken home who has “Dem” on his voter ID.

  2. You know why.
    Crystal ball says all night tonight will be MSNBC reporting how on brave the MSM is.

  3. Right on time, too.

    Nice diversion from the hearing and perfect ammunition for the “violent Trump rhetoric” narrative the Media/PR Firms are ready to use to fan the flames of rage.

  4. At about 2 pm the news said there
    were about 200 police cars there and
    more coming. It’s across the street
    from a mall; but 200? C’mon guys,
    most of you need to go where the
    new crimes will occur and stop wasting our dime.

  5. From the scene tweet
    Phil Davis, Capital Gazette
    “There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you’re under your desk and then hear the gunman reload.”

    Operative word. . . UNDER

  6. @ John, there’s not enough room for 200 cars, unless they use the road itself.

    Corona, funny you should mention that. Mom was going to make a trip there up until this happened because an obituary wasn’t right.

  7. Loved cruising to Annapolis in unser Boot. Now vil haf to vate until der war iss ohfer.
    Ach Amerika!

  8. Oh the Humanity.
    A Media org had a shotgun shooting
    10,000 and 10,000 of thouasands at risk
    Everybody run. Hide.
    Shock Trauma, repeating that term endlessly to ingrain it into their viewers subliminal.
    Spin the narrative all night long.
    Watch Phil Griffen actors.
    See them stoke it.
    Shock. Trauma.
    Shock. Trauma.
    Shock and Awe.

    But Mad Maxine Waters is A-OK

  9. Peter, you have a point there. If he doesn’t have a voter ID, how about a Bernie t-shirt or bumper sticker (on a Prius, of course)…

  10. White male, 20s, no ID is the report so far. Along with five dead, and reporters asking Hogan about moar better gun control.

  11. Fast and Furious.
    Stoke. Stoke. Stoke.
    See them. MSNBC. Main Stream Media.
    They live to stoke.
    This is being recorded.
    Bubble headed bleach blond
    On at Five, Live
    Plane crash. Shootings.
    Gleams in their Eyes.

    “We got the bubble-headed bleached-blonde
    Comes on at five
    She can tell you ’bout the plane crash
    With a gleam in her eye
    It’s interesting when people die
    Give us dirty laundry”

  12. Oh the Humanity.
    A drunk reporter phone interviewed on MSNBC slurring about no security at media offices. He did question the connection about active shooter ‘drills’ and another ‘shooting’.

    Protective details being sent to newsrooms around the Country. Not because there is ANY credible info or need but out of an ‘abundance’ of precaution.
    To Stoke more fear.

    Media Elite already live and work in Gated Communities.

    MSNBC just blamed it on Trump at 5:23PM.
    There it is.

  13. The new Norm.
    It appears to takes 5,000+ state and federal employees to respond to 1 criminal with a gun.
    And they have the shooter.
    But the Show must go on.

  14. The comment about hiding under the desk…

    So you might ask the question to any of the “more gun control” people,

    While you’re hiding under your desk would you prefer:

    A). Continue hiding and hope the shooter either goes away or runs out of ammo.

    B). Stand up and say “Please stop shooting and you must leave because this is a gun free zone.”

    C). Have your own weapon, have trained and take the shooter out as he expected no resistance.

  15. @john @RosalindJ – Latest press conference – 1 white male with a shotgun, 5 dead, 3 others no update on condition. ATF says they found a ?possible? explosive device. Yea, 200 police cars and ATF . Local coverage is going into hour 4, which has been nothing but speculation about returning to the assault weapons debate. Review the video than report. Of course, as always, lots of very calm witnesses that saw everything. RIP victims and best wishes for the injured.

  16. MSNBC has spun the narrative that MSM is under attack, a World War, every Media org is being bombed and shot up right now. Right Now. Everywhere. All over America. Happening Live.

    Details at 8.

  17. ATF is supposed to be a tax enforcement agency. Who the fuck ever gave them badges and guns?

    They were never intended to be first responders, door kickers, or body armor wearing kid roasters. This is scary mission creep that pretty much matches what our federal government has become.

    A grotesque perversion of what was intended with the growth capabilities of a malignant tumor.

  18. They may as well shut up about gun bans because it will never happen.
    After 9/11, this country elected someone with a muslim name. Twice. Short memories.

  19. There were comments at Conservative Tree House saying that the guy destroyed his finger pads to avoid ID. Well, he’s alive, so did he ask for scissors to cut out his own tongue?

    I haven’t heard any reports about him wearing any MAGA hat. But the left is acting like it. lol.

    So, I’m wondering if this guy got fired or accused of something by the newspaper and he went back to give his rebuttal?

  20. MJA,
    NBC back to regular programming
    Marsha Marsha Russia
    Nothing to see here that fits the intended MSM narrative
    Script at 8

  21. Jethro, indeed! The timing is unbelievable!
    As I was reading this, I was so upset, I didn’t know what to think, then I felt an urge to open my Bible.
    This is the passage that I opened:
    Luke 12:1-5 “…Jesus began to speak first to his disciples, saying: ‘Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.
    There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.
    What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.
    I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more.
    But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.’”

  22. Val- a thousand thumbs up.

    We have a lot of truths opened to us.
    The things we were suspicious about during 0bama years, have been confirmed now. Truth has been coming forth like a lava flow.

  23. Facial recognition software used to ID 39 year old MD man.

    “Facial recognition” repeated multiple times in reportage just to make sure you understand how much it is wanted by the local and state governments.

    “ID yourself citizen. Look at me. I said Look at me.
    Oh, not a citizen…nevermind. I gotta let you go.”

  24. Regarding our friends at the ATFE…

    Too long of a rant to get into here, but do your own research…

    How many FFL’s in business at the start of Clinton / Reno?

    How many left during / after that administration?

    When a FFL closes up shop and/or goes out of business ALL the 4473’s that they ever recorded are boxed up and shipped to a warehouse where we have been promised that they will never be used to build a data base of the gun owners and/or what they purchased. There are many forms of CONTROL that have nothing to do with passed law. See now you got me started… Ask Bad Brad how many banker’s boxes he’d have to fill if he closed up shop.

  25. Chris Matthews just used the Shock and Awe reference.
    And. . .
    Guess who he was talking to. . .
    Rob Reiner
    And. . . it was CRAZY TALK
    About Murder and Punishment.
    5:15PM MSNBC, look for yourself.
    Shit you knot.

  26. “Whenever a mass shooting breaks in the news, over the next few days carefully look around to see if there’s another story that (a) damages the Left, which (b) the shooting could be used to draw attention from.”

  27. Rob Reiner in his own words

    “And I put it to people that the Pro-Life people think of abortion as murder. They say it. They’ve said it over and over. Well, what is the punishment for murder? It’s either life imprisonment or the death penalty. So. . ”

    Hey Chris Matthews,
    Murderers get out everyday unless your an illegal, then you get to go home with your kids

  28. False

    Just when slimey Swamp Thing Rosenstein is called out in hearings, oops! Bigger Story! Can’t cover the hearings any more. What hearings?

    I’m sure people got killed, but we know how it works now.

    Q, Trump, take these fuckers down – SO hard!!

  29. Wow, they couldn’t get out the fact the shooter was “white” fast enough! They mention it at every update. I wonder how long we would have had to wait to find out if he was “brown” or “black”? And of course, implicate President Trump, because “fake news”.

  30. they have the shooter, they have his address, they mentioned he had a ‘relationship’ w/ the Gazette through ‘social media’, but won’t release any info on the shooter … including scrubbed fingerprints
    get it? … they’re scrubbing his on-line footprint so no one can snatch his info & post it … they’re trying to create the narrative, instead of letting the story go where the truth leads

  31. MJA, their end is near. They know it. They’re furious and desperate.
    We need to keep praying.

    It was just 3 years ago (to the date) that the Left was celebrating SCOTUS as “The Supremes” and Obama had the White House lighted to celebrate LGBTWhatever.

  32. Minor Update the MSM not reporting. . .
    So it looks like the shooter had an ongoing beef with that specific paper and somebody(s) that worked there.


    Next Tweet from user
    Phil Davis‏ @PhilDavis_CG 5h5 hours ago
    “Ok, I was not tweeting from under my desk. I was already safe when I started tweeting”

    Toxic Masculinity in the MSM, eh?

  33. Phil Griffen Wargames people.
    MSNBC running an infomercial for Protest Activists that are networked (through MSNBC activists) to stalk, harass and ambush Conservatives. Promoting and pushing Maxine Waters tactics with Telephone contact numbers and website lists.

    Be Aware.

  34. @Sally ~ Merryland basically disallows ALL CC … the demonRats believe the sheeple should be targets … better to control them


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