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Short Clip, You’ll Love the Punch Line (very rare for network television)

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  1. This is fairly typical stuff from Tim Allen’s character, which is why we like the show. The first season was very good. The second season, they replaced the actress who played his oldest daughter, and they started off the season with an awful episode where the new actress argues about politics from wa-a-a-ay over on the left, and we almost quit watching the show. That experiment only lasted a couple of episodes, as I recall. They have since toned down the liberal arguments again, and we have continued to watch, thanks to Tim Allen’s character.

  2. I’ve never watched the show but have always been a fan of Tim Allen.
    Now THAT was a great scene! I will have to look for and watch this show very soon!
    I’ve noticed that most of the shows that deal with action have toned down their liberal agendas.
    Then there are the 1/2 hour sillies/stupids that just don’t get it. And that we never watch.

  3. It wouldn’t have, if the punchline had been “a socialist” or “a progressive”.

    The labels “democrat” and “liberal” are so 20th century.

  4. Actually, a negative reference to socialism did make it on the show.

    One of the early episodes – Grandparents Day – had a bit in it where Stupid was called the S word.

    Tim corrected them with: “That’s not the S word, the S word is Socialism.”

  5. The Last Ship’s past seasons were real good. There’s not too many shows worth spending time on anymore. I’ve never seen an episode of Last Man Standing before but it sounds okay.

    I can be watching anything when (pop), out of nowhere something crappy ruins the whole entertainment aspect of looking at TV in the first place. So much of all media, as if it couldn’t suck any worse, has been tainted badly.

    Not out of boycott activism, but I’ve cancelled magazine subscriptions, avoid movies, TV shows, products and people like the plague. The liberal idiocy ain’t alright ever, no excuse for it. Idiots backing RINOs to that list same as dems.

  6. I love this show and Tim is fantastic.
    The youngest daughter is a great conservative.
    The middle daughter is non-political and a dingbat, but she is hot!
    The oldest daughter is a lib, but she has lost weight and looks a lot better now.
    The wife says she is voting for Hillary, she is pretty, but ignorant.

  7. This video clip and the ISIS clip of the buy getting blown up was a good way to start the day. Laughed at both of them. The comments left at the ISIS video were funny.

  8. I’ve been watching reruns of Last Man Standing on CMT (I think). There are a lot of scenes like this. I’m becoming a real fan.

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