Shortages Already Being Felt In (gasp) Liquor Supplies

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“The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board notified license holders on Thursday that two-bottles-per-day purchase limits for customers at state stores, as well as well for bars, restaurants and other license holders, will remain in place indefinitely,” reported KDKA Pittsburgh in September. “The list of rationed booze — a small fraction of the vast array of items the state liquor system sells — contains specific types of champagne, bourbon, tequila, cognac and whiskey.”

“Virginia residents might not be able to buy their favorite brand of liquor due to a shortage… As of Thursday, October 21, 2021, 189 out of 5,287 products are out of stock,” explained FOX59. “Virginia ABC said factors affecting the shortage include raw materials, the trucking industry, and congestion at major U.S. shipping ports. Another main contributor is labor shortages.”

Beyond alcoholic beverages, consumers are expected to increase their reliance upon thrift stores due to unpredictable shipping delays and limited inventory. According to ThredUp’s survey of 2,000 American adults over the age of eighteen, 52% are also worried that “popular gifts will be more expensive this year.” More

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  1. And yet the average Biden voter looks at our current state of affairs with satisfaction and hope;

    1)Prices may be rising but that MSNBC host told me I have more money, so it’s a wash.

    2)Lockdowns, masks, vaccine mandates are starting to have a positive effect thanks to our president.

    3)The oppressed and disenfranchised people all around the world crossing the border are finally getting comfort as we welcome them into our arms.

    4)We no longer drone innocents in Afghanistan and the people are left to their own autonomy.

    5)Mother Earth demands that we quit burning fossilized dinosaurs, our president understands this existential crisis. The sacrifices we make now will provide a better world for our children.

    6)The racial sins of our history and heritage are finally being recognized, a more equitable and inclusive world is right around the corner.

  2. Even the Soviet Union had plenty of alcohol. We’re in worse shape than the Soviet Union?

  3. No shortages of booze around here, people are smoking weed instead. They say weed doesn’t affect the liver like booze does.

  4. Of course there is a liquor shortage; consumption has probably tripled since January because people are trying to cope with the retard in the white house.

  5. No (hic) shortage (hicc) of alcohol (hicc) at my store (hic).

    Who needs food? (hicc) Who needs oil? Who needs toys for Christmas? (hicc) My (p)Resident knows what I need to get through his reign of terror. (hicc)

  6. Sorry Folks.

    Once again, BLAME CANADA!

    The LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) is the WORLD”S LARGEST PURCHASER of LIQOUR. source: Wikipedia
    it is a Monopoly that purchases for 13 Million People with no way around it. Period.

    So, not to rub it in, but for TWICE the Fair Market Value all the shit is up here.

    And a lot if it is directly my fault 😉

    I keeps tellen y’all to LOOK NORTH, but ya ain’t payin attention…

  7. Course in the Old days my Grand Daddy would buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper lines.
    We never really saw him the much.
    He would only come to town about once a year.
    Cause everybody he would make Moonshine. MOOOON Shine. Like whisky from corn and such.
    And he would put in in the trunk of his dodge.
    It was a big Black Dodge that he bought at auction at Mason’s lodge.
    That’s where they would hang out. The Masons.
    They had a lodge.
    Like a clubhouse. Not where you get the jars for peaces or pickles and stuff but the people that were Masons.
    So that’s where the all the corn went.

    Course, Hunters a lot smarter that that.
    He’s real sharp
    He finished up with the NAVY and Came Home with a brand new Plan.
    He takes the leaves From Colombia to make Coke.
    No Joke.
    He just drives it in from the south boarder.
    On a truck.
    No waiting.
    Just straight through without unloading the boats.
    Cause they’re too slow.

    Oh. They’re telling me to stop talking.
    Who is Steve Earl?
    Never heard of him.

    Ok Folks. I’ve said too much.
    I’m calling a lid on it.


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