Should Black Skin Be Considered A Disability In America?

The College Fix- A black law professor argues that African Americans should embrace the notion that being black in America is a disability as a new legal strategy toward enacting protections for the black community against unconscious bias, stereotyping and structural inequality. More

Funny how being black didn’t keep her from her associate professor job at Fordham.



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  1. about parking places?
    will you disclose your disability so I can better not offend?
    we could work through the whys of your divisibility one at a time. I cannot fix it for you, you must pull together as a community and.. o never mind.

  2. Of course, black SKIN in America is a disability. It exists to protect against the equatorial African sun, which means blacks in many parts of America don’t produce enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency causes all kinds of problems including highly aggressive prostate cancer. That’s a serious disability

    So just tell black men over age 40 to start taking Vitamin D supplements. End of disability. What’s the big deal?

  3. She sounds like she’s arguing that blacks are somehow genetically inferior.

    I get that her goal is unlimited free money for life. But she literally seems to be saying “blacks are so hopelessly inferior you should just pay us to stay home out of trouble”.

    Asians and Arabs would agree. But they have a very different Final Solution.

    The Chinese PRC version will commence in newly Chinese-acquired control zones in Africa very soon.
    It won’t involve monthly checks.

  4. I forwarded this article on a few days ago and my first thoughts are, if it is a disability, then why gripe about limiting immigration from Haiti and African countries. Does each visa come with a handicap sticker?

  5. Ya know, I’m trying to figure which I’m more tired of: Elitist liberals of ANY color suggesting that ALL blacks are inferior and need diapers and bottles (filled with whatever liquid they choose) and white America needs to change their dirty diapers (and protect them from the consequences of their behavior), or: the also predictable broad-brushing by “Anonymous” posters here who have nothing better to do than also suggesting that ALL blacks are dumb/stupid/need to go back to Africa/are represented by AlJesseLouisBarackFillInTheBlank. I’m a black conservative who has enjoyed this site for several years now (Thanks BFH). The BS posited by this idiot is BS, no matter her color. I don’t see racial pejoratives being thrown about when, say, Rahm Emmanuel, spouts similar BS. If I missed something, please enlighten me. I don’t have problems giving these morons the lambasting they deserve, but let’s narrow the brush up a bit. Just because the idiot white people running these media entities “feel” that these idiots “need” to be heard doesn’t mean all black people, myself included, need to be put on the next ship heading to ANYWHERE in Africa.

  6. This affirmative action professor has no clue the hell and ridicule he will unleash if this takes root. One the other hand, it explains Obama.

  7. I believe the one’s screaming about racism because they can’t find a job while, at the same time refusing to look for a job because of racism and because it’s considered “too white” should be declared mentally incompetent… That and they’re just losers.

  8. Decades of socialist/marxist indoctrination by progressives can make anyone intellectually retarded, a perpetual self-described victim and exhibit chronic criminal behavior.

  9. “Decades of socialist/marxist indoctrination by progressives can make anyone intellectually retarded,”

    Is it just me, or are race relations worse than anyone born in our age group can remember? We’ve all been Alinskied. It’s been non stop for the last 8 years.

  10. Wow, the Left has adopted the social Darwin ideas of Margaret Sanger and next up will be eugenics.

    I only have one question. Why would any black person ever vote Democrat given they clearly hate you?

  11. TommyBoy in IN, 99th Squad Leader ,

    No way we win this with out all the conservatives we can muster. Watch your asses, keep you mouth shut socially. Be proud to have either one of you in my fox hole. The war has just begun.

  12. Black skin is not a disability. Their attitude is the disability for too many of them. If they constantly listen to people who tell them they can’t be a success by their own efforts they hold on to the attitude of a dependent.

  13. @BB: Thanks, man – I’m there.

    Apart from myself and the children I sired (2 boys, 2 girls), my family is full of reasonably educated, 0bama loving pseudoprogressives. I’m not sure they realize it. Re your question about race relations: My father was from rural Mississippi; after he got out of the USAF in the early 50’s his family sent him north so that he wouldn’t end up at the end of a rope. My hometown was the site of the last lynching north of the Mason-Dixon line – when my brother was in HS he interviewed the man who was mayor at the time of the lynching (he had nothing to do with it). Things have definitely gotten worse in race relations, certainly in the last 10 years. I think it’s 3 generations of public school educated, teevee devouring (particularly sitcoms) black folk (and everyone else) who live their lives governed by the emotion of the moment and couldn’t logically deduce anything without prompting to save their lives. Makes me really sad. I miss my family but I can’t be around their smug ignorance.

  14. Bad_Brad, copy that. After 45 years dealing with leftist and even being a former Alinskyite, I’m well trained on how deal to with commie zombies. Thanks for the encouragement.
    TommyBoy in IN, Welcome to the fold. IOTWr is a great place.

  15. “How many twink angels can dance on the tip of transgender G?d’s tiara?”

    Many here seem to be arguing that “disability law” isn’t really a shakedown scam, so how dare people use it to scam “disability law” with a shakedown.

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