Should target be held responsible for a needle in their parking lot?

South Carolina woman gets awarded more than $4.6 million in damages after being pricked by a needle in a Target parking lot.

  • Jury awarded the sum to Carla Denise Garrison, of Anderson, on Thursday.
  • Her daughter, 8, picked up a needle at Target in May, court documents say.
  • Garrison swatted it out of her hand and needle got stuck in her own palm.
  • Had to take anti-HIV medication that left her bedridden; tested negative.
  • Her attorney had offered $12,000 deal, which Target had rejected. 

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  1. Another McDee’s “the coffee is hot” trial. Why blame Target for what someone dropped in the open and public parking lot? And why, for f##ks sake, try to swat the needle out of the daughter’s hand? You gently reach over and gently take it away. And then (re)dispose of it in a safe manner so that someone else doesn’t get stuck.
    Stoopidity on trial. And stoopidity won. Again.

  2. They asked for $12000. Target, instead of refusing, countered by offering $750. This may have been viewed as accepting responsibility and, in a way, telling them to “eat cake.”
    Target has essentially told their customers to “eat cake” with the bathroom/dressing room decision.
    All of this may not have gone over well with the jury.
    Agree on appeal overturn or reduction of award.

  3. As long as all the other business’s are afflicted with the same BS, they will all simply raise prices to compensate. If a company is driven out of business, that just means all their competitors can charge even more, and they will – because of the risk. New business’s are the most at risk, being undercapitalized – so if you start a new business you must make a rapacious profit margin and pay yourself a huge salary (get your money back asap before compnay is sued out of business).

    The customers pay all the costs in the end.

  4. What is expected? A full time parking lot security? Look at the theater in Colorado ! What, did they want ? Full time guards? What if that needle had been on the side of a US highway. Sue the state? No! Dialing for dollars here.

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